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Read: List of US politicians donating to gun group NRA

Updated: December 15, 2012, 1:11 PM IST
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Read: List of US politicians donating to gun group NRA
According to the list, which also includes Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, total donations made in 2012 were $719,596.

New Delhi: Gun control laws in the United States have come under fire after the mass killing on Friday at a Connecticut school, putting renewed pressure on US President Barack Obama and other Democrats to address the easy availability of firearms.

Just an hour after Obama tearfully said on national television that the country needs 'meaningful action to prevent more tragedies,' about 200 people rallied outside the White House on a cold evening in favour of gun restrictions. Their hopes were buoyed by Obama's re-election last month, a development that could free the president - a longtime advocate for gun control - to approach the subject without fear of political consequences in his second four-year term.

However, Obama still faces a Republican-led House of Representatives that could block such reforms. Faced with intense lobbying by the National Rifle Association (NRA) and other gun groups, and fearful of a backlash from gun-owning voters, most Democrats have stopped trying to pass new laws.

A list, compiled by opensecrets.org, names all the US politicians who have given donations of more than $200 to the gun group NRA in 2012. The list also included the name of Mitt Romney, who was Republican Party's nominee for President in the recent elections. Romney has donated $5,850 to the NRA in 2012. Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, also donated $1500 in the current year.

All donations, which totalled to $719,596, were made during the 2012 election cycle and were released by the Federal Election Commission. These are the following politicians mentioned in the list:

Name Office Total Contributions
Fincher, Steve (R-TN) House $9,900
Renacci, Jim (R-OH) House $9,900
Mandel, Josh (R-OH) Senate $9,450
Berg, Rick (R-ND) House $7,450
Cantor, Eric (R-VA) House $7,450
Coffman, Mike (R-CO) House $7,450
Labrador, Raul (R-ID) House $7,100
Thompson, Tommy G (R-WI) Senate $7,000
Carter, John (R-TX) House $6,950
Heller, Dean (R-NV) Senate $6,950
Matheson, Jim (D-UT) House $6,950
Allen, George (R-VA) Senate $6,450
Gosar, Paul (R-AZ) House $5,950
King, Steven A (R-IA) House $5,950
Romney, Mitt (R) Pres $5,850
Barrasso, John A (R-WY) Senate $5,308
Dingell, John D (D-MI) House $5,000
Hatch, Orrin G (R-UT) Senate $5,000
Murphy, Tim (R-PA) House $5,000
Rogers, Hal (R-KY) House $5,000
Ross, Mike (D-AR) House $5,000
Runyan, Jon (R-NJ) House $5,000
Simpson, Mike (R-ID) House $5,000
Barrow, John (D-GA) House $4,950
Benishek, Dan (R-MI) House $4,950
Canseco, Francisco (R-TX) House $4,950
Corker, Bob (R-TN) Senate $4,950
Holden, Tim (D-PA) House $4,950
Mourdock, Richard E (R-IN) Senate $4,950
Rigell, Scott (R-VA) House $4,950
Sessions, Pete (R-TX) House $4,950
Shuler, Heath (D-NC) House $4,950
Stearns, Cliff (R-FL) House $4,950
Wicker, Roger (R-MS) Senate $4,950
Blackburn, Marsha (R-TN) House $4,500
Flores, Bill (R-TX) House $4,500
Manchin, Joe (D-WV) Senate $4,500
Smith, Lamar (R-TX) House $4,500
Terry, Lee (R-NE) House $4,500
Tipton, Scott (R-CO) House $4,500
Griffith, Morgan (R-VA) House $4,150
Amodei, Mark (R-NV) House $4,000
Bartlett, Roscoe G (R-MD) House $4,000
Bucshon, Larry (R-IN) House $4,000
Chandler, Ben (D-KY) House $4,000
Coble, Howard (R-NC) House $4,000
Griffin, Tim (R-AR) House $4,000
Johnson, Timothy (R-IL) House $4,000
Miller, Jeff (R-FL) House $4,000
Yoder, Kevin (R-KS) House $4,000
Bishop, Sanford D Jr (D-GA) House $3,650
Cole, Tom (R-OK) House $3,500
Critz, Mark (D-PA) House $3,500
Duffy, Sean P (R-WI) House $3,500
Granger, Kay (R-TX) House $3,500
Schilling, Bobby (R-IL) House $3,500
Upton, Fred (R-MI) House $3,500
Walorski, Jackie (R-IN) House $3,500
McCaul, Michael (R-TX) House $3,150
Nunnelee, Alan (R-MS) House $3,150
Bachus, Spencer (R-AL) House $3,000
Denham, Jeff (R-CA) House $3,000
Ellmers, Renee (R-NC) House $3,000
Fischer, Deb (R-NE) Senate $3,000
Gibbs, Bob (R-OH) House $3,000
Graves, Tom (R-GA) House $3,000
Harris, Andy (R-MD) House $3,000
Hensarling, Jeb (R-TX) House $3,000
Hochul, Kathleen (D-NY) House $3,000
Huizenga, Bill (R-MI) House $3,000
Hurt, Robert (R-VA) House $3,000
Johnson, Sam (R-TX) House $3,000
Kissell, Larry (D-NC) House $3,000
Latham, Tom (R-IA) House $3,000
LaTourette, Steve (R-OH) House $3,000
Michaud, Mike (D-ME) House $3,000
Moran, Jerry (R-KS) Senate $3,000
Perry, Scott (R-PA) House $3,000
Ribble, Reid (R-WI) House $3,000
Roskam, Peter (R-IL) House $3,000
Ryan, Tim (D-OH) House $3,000
Schrader, Kurt (D-OR) House $3,000
Sullivan, John (R-OK) House $3,000
Walden, Greg (R-OR) House $3,000
Quayle, Ben (R-AZ) House $2,600
Altmire, Jason (D-PA) House $2,500
Altschuler, Randy (R-NY) House $2,500
Baca, Joe (D-CA) House $2,500
Barr, Andy (R-KY) House $2,500
Bilbray, Brian P (R-CA) House $2,500
Boehner, John (R-OH) House $2,500
Buerkle, Ann Marie (R-NY) House $2,500
Cardoza, Dennis (D-CA) House $2,500
Franks, Trent (R-AZ) House $2,500
Gibson, Chris (R-NY) House $2,500
Guthrie, Brett (R-KY) House $2,500
Hayworth, Nan (R-NY) House $2,500
Heck, Joe (R-NV) House $2,500
Kelly, Jesse (R-AZ) House $2,500
Kingston, Jack (R-GA) House $2,500
Kline, John (R-MN) House $2,500
Marchant, Kenny (R-TX) House $2,500
McCarthy, Kevin (R-CA) House $2,500
McKinley, David (R-WV) House $2,500
Miller, Gary (R-CA) House $2,500
Nunes, Devin Gerald (R-CA) House $2,500
Peterson, Collin C (D-MN) House $2,500
Rogers, Mike (R-MI) House $2,500
Paulsen, Erik (R-MN) House $2,250
Huelskamp, Tim (R-KS) House $2,150
Latta, Robert E (R-OH) House $2,150
Lummis, Cynthia Marie (R-WY) House $2,150
McSally, Martha (R-AZ) House $2,150
Adams, Sandy (R-FL) House $2,000
Alexander, Rodney (R-LA) House $2,000
Archer, John H Jr (R-IA) House $2,000
Barletta, Lou (R-PA) House $2,000
Bass, Charles (R-NH) House $2,000
Biggert, Judy (R-IL) House $2,000
Black, Diane (R-TN) House $2,000
Bonner, Jo (R-AL) House $2,000
Brooks, Mo (R-AL) House $2,000
Broun, Paul Jr (R-GA) House $2,000
Burton, Dan (R-IN) House $2,000
Calvert, Ken (R-CA) House $2,000
Camp, Dave (R-MI) House $2,000
Chabot, Steve (R-OH) House $2,000
Conaway, Mike (R-TX) House $2,000
Cravaack, Chip (R-MN) House $2,000
Crawford, Rick (R-AR) House $2,000
Crenshaw, Ander (R-FL) House $2,000
Cuellar, Henry (D-TX) House $2,000
Daines, Steven (R-MT) House $2,000
Delong, Gary (R-CA) House $2,000
Desjarlais, Scott (R-TN) House $2,000
Duncan, Jeff (R-SC) House $2,000
Farenthold, Blake (R-TX) House $2,000
Fitzpatrick, Michael G (R-PA) House $2,000
Flake, Jeff (R-AZ) House $2,000
Fleischmann, Chuck (R-TN) House $2,000
Forbes, Randy (R-VA) House $2,000
Foxx, Virginia (R-NC) House $2,000
Gerlach, Jim (R-PA) House $2,000
Gill, Ricky (R-CA) House $2,000
Goodlatte, Bob (R-VA) House $2,000
Gowdy, Trey (R-SC) House $2,000
Guinta, Frank (R-NH) House $2,000
Hartzler, Vicky (R-MO) House $2,000
Hastings, Doc (R-WA) House $2,000
Herrera Beutler, Jaime (R-WA) House $2,000
Holding, George (R-NC) House $2,000
Hultgren, Randy (R-IL) House $2,000
Hunter, Duncan D (R-CA) House $2,000
Issa, Darrell (R-CA) House $2,000
Jenkins, Lynn (R-KS) House $2,000
Johnson, Bill (R-OH) House $2,000
Jones, Walter B Jr (R-NC) House $2,000
Jordan, James D (R-OH) House $2,000
Kelly, Mike (R-PA) House $2,000
Kind, Ron (D-WI) House $2,000
Kinzinger, Adam (R-IL) House $2,000
LaMalfa, Doug (R-CA) House $2,000
Lamborn, Douglas L (R-CO) House $2,000
Lankford, James (R-OK) House $2,000
LoBiondo, Frank A (R-NJ) House $2,000
Long, Billy (R-MO) House $2,000
Lucas, Frank D (R-OK) House $2,000
Marino, Tom (R-PA) House $2,000
McClintock, Tom (R-CA) House $2,000
McCotter, Thaddeus G (R-MI) House $2,000
McIntyre, Mike (D-NC) House $2,000
McKeon, Buck (R-CA) House $2,000
McMorris Rodgers, Cathy (R-WA) House $2,000
Messer, Luke (R-IN) House $2,000
Neugebauer, Randy (R-TX) House $2,000
Noem, Kristi (R-SD) House $2,000
Olson, Pete (R-TX) House $2,000
Palazzo, Steven (R-MS) House $2,000
Pearce, Steve (R-NM) House $2,000
Pittenger, Robert (R-NC) House $2,000
Poe, Ted (R-TX) House $2,000
Pompeo, Mike (R-KS) House $2,000
Rahall, Nick (D-WV) House $2,000
Ross, Dennis (R-FL) House $2,000
Ryan, Paul (R-WI) House $2,000
Scalise, Steve (R-LA) House $2,000
Schmidt, Jean (R-OH) House $2,000
Schock, Aaron (R-IL) House $2,000
Schweikert, David (R-AZ) House $2,000
Scott, Tim (R-SC) House $2,000
Sensenbrenner, F James Jr (R-WI) House $2,000
Shimkus, John M (R-IL) House $2,000
Strickland, Tony (R-CA) House $2,000
Tavaglione, John F (R-CA) House $2,000
Thompson, Glenn (R-PA) House $2,000
Thornberry, Mac (R-TX) House $2,000
Valadao, David (R-CA) House $2,000
Wagner, Ann L (R-MO) House $2,000
Walberg, Tim (R-MI) House $2,000
Walsh, Joe (R-IL) House $2,000
Walz, Timothy J (D-MN) House $2,000
Wenstrup, Brad (R-OH) House $2,000
West, Allen (R-FL) House $2,000
Westmoreland, Lynn A (R-GA) House $2,000
Wittman, Rob (R-VA) House $2,000
Womack, Steve (R-AR) House $2,000
Young, Don (R-AK) House $2,000
Culberson, John (R-TX) House $1,650
Bono Mack, Mary (R-CA) House $1,500
Chaffetz, Jason (R-UT) House $1,500
Dent, Charlie (R-PA) House $1,500
Perry, Rick (R) Pres $1,500
Rokita, Todd (R-IN) House $1,500
Stutzman, Marlin (R-IN) House $1,500
Young, Todd (R-IN) House $1,500
Aderholt, Robert B (R-AL) House $1,000
Akin, Todd (R-MO) House $1,000
Austria, Steve (R-OH) House $1,000
Bachmann, Michele (R-MN) House $1,000
Bilirakis, Gus (R-FL) House $1,000
Bishop, Rob (R-UT) House $1,000
Boustany, Charles W Jr (R-LA) House $1,000
Brady, Kevin (R-TX) House $1,000
Brooks, Maggie (R-NY) House $1,000
Bruning, Jon (R-NE) Senate $1,000
Buchanan, Vernon (R-FL) House $1,000
Burgess, Michael (R-TX) House $1,000
Campbell, John (R-CA) House $1,000
Capito, Shelley Moore (R-WV) House $1,000
Cassidy, Bill (R-LA) House $1,000
Cook, Paul (R-CA) House $1,000
Coors, Joe (R-CO) House $1,000
Cornilles, Robert (R-OR) House $1,000
Davis, Geoff (R-KY) House $1,000
Davis, Rodney (R-IL) House $1,000
Diaz-Balart, Mario (R-FL) House $1,000
Duncan, John J Jr (R-TN) House $1,000
Emerson, Jo Ann (R-MO) House $1,000
Fleming, John (R-LA) House $1,000
Fortenberry, Jeff (R-NE) House $1,000
Gardner, Cory (R-CO) House $1,000
Gingrey, Phil (R-GA) House $1,000
Graves, Sam (R-MO) House $1,000
Grimm, Michael (R-NY) House $1,000
Hall, Ralph M (R-TX) House $1,000
Hanna, Richard (R-NY) House $1,000
Harper, Gregg (R-MS) House $1,000
Higgins, Brian M (D-NY) House $1,000
Johnson, Ron (R-WI) Senate $1,000
Lance, Leonard (R-NJ) House $1,000
Landry, Jeff (R-LA) House $1,000
Lewis, Jerry (R-CA) House $1,000
Lingle, Linda (R-HI) Senate $1,000
Luetkemeyer, Blaine (R-MO) House $1,000
Lujan, Ben R (D-NM) House $1,000
Lungren, Dan (R-CA) House $1,000
Manzullo, Don (R-IL) House $1,000
Massie, Thomas (R-KY) House $1,000
McHenry, Patrick (R-NC) House $1,000
Meehan, Patrick (R-PA) House $1,000
Mica, John L (R-FL) House $1,000
Miller, Candice S (R-MI) House $1,000
Mulvaney, Mick (R-SC) House $1,000
Myrick, Sue (R-NC) House $1,000
Owens, Bill (D-NY) House $1,000
Pawlenty, Tim (R) Pres $1,000
Petri, Tom (R-WI) House $1,000
Pitts, Joe (R-PA) House $1,000
Posey, Bill (R-FL) House $1,000
Price, Tom (R-GA) House $1,000
Reed, Tom (R-NY) House $1,000
Rivera, David (R-FL) House $1,000
Rogers, Mike D (R-AL) House $1,000
Rooney, Tom (R-FL) House $1,000
Royce, Ed (R-CA) House $1,000
Shuster, Bill (R-PA) House $1,000
Smith, Adrian (R-NE) House $1,000
Stewart, Chris (R-UT) House $1,000
Stivers, Steve (R-OH) House $1,000
Turner, Michael R (R-OH) House $1,000
Turner, Robert L (R-NY) House $1,000
Webb-Edgington, Alecia (R-KY) House $1,000
Webster, Daniel (R-FL) House $1,000
Whitfield, Ed (R-KY) House $1,000
Wilson, Joe (R-SC) House $1,000
Young, C W Bill (R-FL) House $1,000
Cruz, Ted (R-TX) Senate $250
Nugent, Richard (R-FL) House $138
Scott, Austin (R-GA) House
Southerland, Steve (R-FL) House

(With Additional Inputs from Reuters)

First Published: December 15, 2012, 1:11 PM IST
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