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Revealed! Kalki Koechlin's creepy role in 'Ek Thi Daayan'

Charu Thakur |

Updated: April 17, 2013, 12:45 PM IST
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Revealed! Kalki Koechlin's creepy role in 'Ek Thi Daayan'
Kalki is happy to get an image makeover with 'Ek Thi Daayan' in which she plays a music teacher.

New Delhi: Bollywood has experimented with ghosts, spirits and the current favourite, zombies, on screen to spook audiences. But it's time to take the horror genre to another level by bringing back the folklores of 'daayan' on 70mm. Kalki Koechlin's upcoming film 'Ek Thi Daayan' plans to scare you, however in a subtle way.

"Ek Thi Daayan is not a typical horror film with blood and gore. It is more like a teenage horror film with suspense and thriller. It's as interesting for young people as it is for the old people. It's more like a supernatural thriller. There is lot of magic and spirit in the film except it is based on folk tales," said Kalki during an interview.

Known to play dark characters on screen, Kalki is happy to get an image makeover with 'Ek Thi Daayan' in which she plays a music teacher and it is for the first time that she has ever lip synched for a film.

"The experience has been fantastic. I can't get used to see myself smiling on the screen so much. I learned to play the guitar for the role as I play a music teacher in the film. Actually my character is very happy-go-lucky and free spirited."

However, one cannot miss the mystique surrounding her character in the promos of the film. "I play Lisa Dutt, a Canadian girl, who comes to Mumbai and there is a lot of suspicion around her. Some 30-40 years ago, there was one Lisa Dutt who was sent to prison for killing a child and so everyone thinks that she is the same woman who has come back. So this is the intrigue and mystery around my character whether she is a daayan or not."

Kalki might be herself scared of watching horror films but the actress is confident that 'Ek Thi Daayan' will be able to spook the audiences as it not just another horror film but a supernatural psychological thriller. "You don't see ugly faces with blood coming out of it; 'Ek Thi Daayan' is more psychological. It plays with the mind. It is very dark and has a creepy feel to it. So rather than horror, I would call it a supernatural psychological thriller. I think it will be very scary."

Since most of the Bollywood's horror films are inspired by Hollywood, there were speculations that 'Ek Thi Daayan' which revolves around the life of an illusionist takes inspiration from 2006 Hollywood film 'Illusionist', but the actress rubbishes the rumours. ''The film is inspired from a short story written by Konkona's father which is a folk tale. Kannan Iyer picked up the idea and weaved the story around it. 'Ek Thi Daayan' is a completely fictional film and has no connotations to any other films."

First Published: April 17, 2013, 12:45 PM IST
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