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Robert Doisneau's birth centenary Google doodle

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Updated: April 14, 2012, 2:34 AM IST
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Robert Doisneau's birth centenary Google doodle
Robert Doisneau was noted for his lyrical approach to street photography.

New Delhi: French photographer Robert Doisneau would have turned 100 on Saturday. To commemorate his birth centenary, Google has come up with a collage of four of his most famous photographs in the form of a Google doodle.

Doisneau (born April 14, 1912) was noted for his lyrical approach to street photography. His most famous photograph Le baiser de l'hotel de ville (Kiss by the Hotel de Ville) shot in 1950 shows aspiring actors Francoise Delbart (then 20) and Jacques Carteaud (then 23). This is one of the four photographs that Google chose for its Robert Doisneau doodle.

When Robert Doisneau died, aged 81, on April 1, 1994s he left behind an impressive collection of 450,000 negatives. Amongst these where the four photos showcased on the Google doodle.

The earliest photograph on the doodle is the 1943 image titled Le Remorqueur du Champ de Mars (Tug on the Champ de Mars) that shows two children playing at Champ de Mars near the Eiffel Tower in Paris. One of the kids is riding a bicycle and the other is tugging along on roller skates.

Trois petits enfants blancs, parc Monceau (1971) (Three little white children, Parc Monceau) has the image of a woman (representing the anonymous reader) at the 19th-century French writer Guy de Maupassant's monument at Parc Monceau, Paris, on the foreground and three kids in white hooded jackets are photographed walking in the background.

The fourth photograph is Le Chien a Roulettes (Dog on Wheels) from 1977. The image features a dog with wheels attached to its hind legs seemingly waiting on a Paris sidewalk while two woman chat at the entrance of a liquor store.

While all the four photographs are displayed on Google's search home pages, the Google search engine results pages show a smaller version of the doodle shows only one - Kiss by the Hotel de Ville.

The Robert Doisneau Google doodle is the 1347th Google doodle since the first ever 14 years ago.

Robert Doisneau - Kiss

First Published: April 14, 2012, 2:34 AM IST
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