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Sachin missed an opportunity to retire on a high after World Cup win: Gaurav Kalra

Updated: December 24, 2012, 6:39 PM IST
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Sachin missed an opportunity to retire on a high after World Cup win: Gaurav Kalra
Sachin missed an opportunity to retire on a high after World Cup win: Gaurav Kalra

CNN-IBN's sports editor Gaurav Kalra joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on Sachin Tendulkar's retirement from ODI cricket.

Q. Sachin is the greatest ever ODI batsman and has a terrific record. Would it not have been better if he had retired from ODI's on the field, rather than like this? It would have brought a good closure to a remarkable career. He deserved it completely. This is a very disappointing end. Asked by: Nitin

A. I guess everyone has the right to choose their own destiny..in my view after 3-4 days of the world cup ending, Sachin should have said goodbye to one-day cricket...but its just how i think...Sachin had his own view and that's the one that matters!

Q. Hi, Sachin was a better ODI player than Test Matches isn't it? I have seen sachin struggle against good bowlers including Mcgrath, Wasim, Anderson etc.. in Test Matches, i have hardly seen him struggle against any bowler in ODI. Do you agree? Asked by: Ashwin

A. Every batsman has had phases where he has struggled...over 23 years its only natural Tendulkar would have had the same...think you can't really say if he was a better test or ODI player...but yes, he had closer rivals as contenders for the best test batsman in the world..in ODIs he was unmatched.

Q. Will this exit give a chance to the player to start playing his role in The Rajya Sabah? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Haha- I am not sure about that! he still has a test career...and the IPL!

Q. Was the delay in exit caused by commercial reasons of sponsors pressure? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. I think that's a simplistic view to take..sometimes sportsmen play on just for the sheer love for what they do...maybe Sachin was driven by the idea of still doing well in ODIs..and making a contribution on tough tours such as Australia...

Q. Sachin retiring ODI isnt a big surprise at all, considering he is 39 and is hardly playing ODI's these days, this was much expected. Said that though would everyone including media preffered him retiring after the Champions Trophy in England?. Sachin as Test Batsman is what concerns all of us. As a senior media person how long do you see him playing for India in Test(I would like to see him retire as soon as poosible, so that we can groom a young player for South Africe Tour) and Sachin still got in him to reverse this slump and play for India for another 12 months or so? And how much is 200 Tests are his concerns.. Sachin Thanks for the Joy. Asked by: Kamala C

A. The 200 question is really not a substantiated report...that maybe someone's imagination, atleast I haven't got an independent way of confirming it! retirement...now that is a personal choice..if Sachin feels he can play on in test cricket, so be it..but if the selectors believe he must make way, they will have to deal with that...his recent form has been a concern...and if the runs don't come in the first couple of tests vs Australia, the pressure will be massive.

Q. Sachin is no GOD. He is just an excellent batsman. It is only the long durance that is responsible for his stats, he wasnt such a standout in his generation like bradman, viv richards(in ODI), Gary Sobers in their generation. Do you agree. Had Lara, Dravid, Jayawardene, Ponting played as many matches like Sachin, they too would have a good chance of equally sachin's record. Do you agree, he wasnt that way head of this peers compared to Bradman, Sobers, Viv or even Sunil Gavaskar? Asked by: Karthik V

A. What 'might' have happened no one knows...ponting played a lot of ODI cricket...his record isn't too close to Sachin's...I think in ODI cricket sachin set a new benchmark...he owned that format..yes, in test cricket there were more claimants to the tag of 'best batsman in the world'.

Q. I think Sachin missed an opportunity to retire on a high when India won the World cup in 2011.Is it tough to time the retirement? Asked by: Raghu

A. I would guess so...I am among those who think that was a great stage..maybe 3-4 days after the final when the celebrations were over, he could have...but then, this is about a players' own view of his passion, fitness etc.

Q. An envious and not easy to break record from the master blaster. You see any player in the world who could near or attempt to better the record. Asked by: sundar1950in

A. I think Virat has a decent chance if he can keep playing to this level..in ODI cricket he will bat in the top 3...does pace his innings smartly..has all the shots...but the question is if the number of ODIs played itself will reduce in this age of T20.

Q. Are you sure that this will have positive effect on his form in test format? Why do people create an aura around him and forget that he is a human being and age is definitely catching up with him? His past glory does not justify his present place in the team, which needs his scoring. How long a rope do the selectors and public want to give? Asked by: sakuntala

A. Age is definitely a factor in sport...its well established that it slows you down and impacts your ability...Sachin will know that the knives are out, even in test cricket...the choice though isn't his to make...if selectors believe he is done in test cricket, they will have to make that decision...

Q. Sachin, had an interesting view that when a player is in top form,he should not retire and that would be selfish.What is your take on it? Asked by: Rahul

A. I think its about individual choice...a lot of what Sachin does and says is driven by a child-like love for the sport...each player is different..i think with exceptional players, its better to not see them struggle for a prolonged period...tends to affect fans in a negative way.

Q. If its possible per BCCI rulebook, should Sachin take mentor's role to young batsmen & pass on what he learnt these 23 years? All would agree that what he knows about being a emphatic batter that he has been, no coach in this world would know. Asked by: cyber_aman

A. From whatever we hear from young players in the Indian team, he is always around to do that...think Sachin will stay involved in cricket even after he's done...his knowledge will be very useful.

Q. Sachin has had a great ODI career...but he was not the finisher...like pointing, lara. He was great batsman but not a match winner. Asked by: Jay Jesrani

A. I think sometimes this word 'finisher' is exaggerated..he was an opener...he set up games...either batting first or chasing...think he has 11,000+ runs at an average of over 56 in matches India won..that is a 'match winners' record.

Q. Do you think not retiring from Test as compared to ODI's is a better option.... he was one short of his 50th century. In ODI to add to his record. Asked by: Anshul Khanna

A. In his statement sachin has spoken about building a team for the 2015 world cup...which to me seems logical..as for the 50th ODI ton, there is no end to these milestones...49 is just one less than 50!

Q. Even though he obviously denies it, do you think that Sachin was a very greedy player and cared a lot about his records? Asked by: Pankaj Sabnani

A. The ability to score runs over and over again is driven by 'greed' to a certain extent..but that is a positive attribute...after all, a batsman's own runs help his own team, don't they? i don't think Sachin can be described as a 'greedy' player in the way you imply..he was the ultimate team man..

Q. The timing of retirement got the comment as though Sachin made the exit as he was just about to be shown the door. Bad timing or was it an emotional decision at last minute? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. There was ofcourse talk in board circles about Sachin's ODI future...perhaps that played a part..but he was virtually out of ODI cricket anyway for the last few years...how do you time an exit just right! he had the choice after the world cup, but didn't exercise it!

Q. It was bound to happen. Why not enjoy what he had offered to us in the 23 odd years rather than express our grief on the end of an era? I would rather have seen him retire just after the World Cup win instead of prolonging for another year. But hind sight is always 20-20. I hope he can revive his test career. I also hope he has the will to play in the Ranjis as he would have more spare time now... That would be crucial as playing along side him would be a boost in confidence for any youngster hoping to play for India. And no doubt the wealth of knowledge he has to offer... Asked by: Karthik

A. Yes, there would be nothing better than seeing Sachin have a good series against australia...as for his ODI exit, i tend to agree..there was an opportunity to quit after the world cup win, but he chose not to...he does have the right though!

Q. Why in India, Media and Fans give more importance to Stats rather than Class? Lillee doesn't have a record like Mcgrath, but still is considered as the Best fast bowler australia ever produced.. Would you think People and Meida will consider Sunil Gavaskar as a better Test batsman rather Sachin Tendulkar. Sunil Gavaskar deserves best test batsman status of playing in a era that belonged to bowlers and being successful against them? Asked by: Vijayasekaran

A. I am sure stats aren't everything...but stats do tell a story...for Sachin to have made the runs he has around the world, it took special skill...is he greater than Gavaskar or not? well, the great joy of cricket is that we can all argue about issues till the cow comes home and it would still not be settled!

Q. Sachin is the best batsman and no.1 when it comes to ODI. Do you think he should have retired in a match? Asked by: Karthik S

A. I don't think it matters where and when he retires..when all the media buzz is over and with time, we will only remember the body of work.

Q. India did benefit from IPL and won the world cup, do you think that is also the reason for India's debacle in tests. No good spinner in the arena nor anyone has the ability to bat and deliver for long hours like Sachin and Rahul. Asked by: Raghuram

A. The impact of the IPL on the mindset of young players is being increasingly spoken of in cricket circles...I feel at times this tends to be exaggerated...there is a culture of playing cricket in India..and that will produce players.

Q. Does retirement justifies only for one format of game. Asked by: sudheendra_sr

A. Ofcourse, players have done that in the past...and will continue to do so...don't see a problem with that.

Q. I think the reason for his slump in form is not playing enough cricket.He lacks match practice.he should not have left ODI's. Playing more would have helped him to regain his touch. Asked by: mahesh

A. This is a call for the player to take...but conversely, had he failed in the ODIs, the pressure on his test spot would have increased even further.

Q. How do u see the future of the Indian cricket team with all the greats retiring in a short space of time?The boots of Dravid, Sachin are too huge to fill..also it was proved in the recent test series that 3 spinners were not equal to 1 Kumble! Asked by: Nitin

A. Cycles are a part and parcel of sport..it is true that a generation of players came together at the same time who were absolute jewels..India may struggle to match that kind of talent and ability for many years.

Q. I am just afraid with some of the comments in media attacking greatness of the master. Until and unless one fails he/she don't know when to quit and that's what is the case with Sachin. Remember Ponting was dropped from ODI before he retired from format.. What's your take? Asked by: Anvesh

A. Perhaps...but I think the players have become used to media scrutiny..you can't wish it away in this day and age...I guess a lot of people (including me) thought the 2011 world cup final was the perfect stage- but he didn't!.

Q. Your most memorable Sachin innings? Asked by: Ram

A. I saw a few at the stadium - the 160+ at Christ church was awesome..but there are so many...perhaps the 98 vs Pakistan was the best, just for its sheer skill and mastery...and the context of the game.

Q. Can we portray Manoj Tiwary as a possible fill to the space? Asked by: Deepak

A. Ofcourse, he is among the contenders...unfortunately, battling injury at the moment.

Q. Do you see a possibility of MSD using this vacancy to pull in one among his favourites? Asked by: Rahul

A. At the moment, his own captaincy career hangs by a thread!

Q. Who according to you is the greatest batsman of modern era? Lara, Ponting or Sachin? Asked by: Satya

A. One-day cricket- Sachin no doubt...test cricket- those two run Sachin close.

Q. Is it not a hindrance to the captain to have senior players with their own ego trips in the side? Asked by: sakuntala

A. I think a lot of this gets exaggerated...cricketers know they have to contribute to a team..sometimes there are differences, as would be the case in all set ups, sporting or otherwise, where teams are involved.

Q. What's your take on the vacancy - who is the best one to fill in the slot among the following - Raydu, Manoj Tiwary, Saurav Tiwary, Rahane or someone else? Asked by: Rishi

A. I like the look of Rahane...he and Manoj Tiwary look more accomplished as one-day batsmen.

First Published: December 24, 2012, 6:39 PM IST
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