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Shabana's 'sweet' kiss with Boman

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Updated: February 21, 2007, 8:23 AM IST
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Shabana's 'sweet' kiss with Boman
Shabana spills the beans on her on-screen kiss with Boman Irani in Honeymoon Travels, set to release this Friday.

Mumbai: Actress Shabana Azmi has done her first kiss in Reema Kagti's Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd and says her children - Farhan and Zoya Akhtar - are planning to exploit the scene fully.
"You know my kids have put the kiss in the trailer. Zoya and Farhan say they're going to exploit me commercially. Thank you so much," Shabana said.

Shabana's boisterous laughter controls your thoughts, "What's a kiss with Boman? I've kissed Nandita Das in 'Fire'. Watching me do a normal kiss, you'll heave a sigh of relief.

"It's a very innocent sweet, and non-controversial kiss. I had a ball doing Honeymoon Travels. My children are involved with it. I've a very small part," she explained.

About her unusual pairing with Boman Irani, Shabana says, "Boman plays this Christian Goan guy. I play this Muslim woman. He plays a brash man. My character is more genteel."

Shabana says she likes her look in the movie. "I keep telling the clothes designer Arjun Bhasin that after this film he won't be getting any more assignments. All of us are so atrociously dressed by design. For Arjun's sake, I hope the film industry gets the point, or this is the end of his career.

"Jokes aside, it's a great feeling to dress according to character. But when my mother saw these clothes she freaked out. 'Please Shabana, it hurts!' she told me. Arrey, she can dress any way she wants for a part. Why not me?"

It was a great pleasure for Shabana to play this nondescript character, who emerges as a person in her own right.

"This Goan guy, who's her husband, wants to make her happy. He keeps reciting sher in wrong Urdu. Such a sweet, tender relationship. The kiss comes in when he reaches his ancestral house to see it being dismantled. That's when I move towards him. He kisses me right in the middle of the street.

"Will my audience be shocked? I think not! I think Boman was far more terrified than I was," she said.

First Published: February 21, 2007, 8:23 AM IST
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