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Shah Rukh Khan: Deepika Padukone is the soul of 'Chennai Express'

Divya Pal, | http://divyapal2013

Updated: August 8, 2013, 12:29 AM IST
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Shah Rukh Khan: Deepika Padukone is the soul of 'Chennai Express'
For Shah Rukh Khan, sharing special moments from his life on social media is as easy as juggling his multiple roles - a superstar, an actor, a genuine human being.

New Delhi: If you are giving multiple interviews in a day and hopping from one city to another to promote your film, enjoying work despite the conflicting demands on your time becomes a habit. For Shah Rukh Khan, sharing special moments from his life on social media is as easy as juggling his multiple roles - a superstar, an actor and a genuine human being. Within hours of landing in the capital for a promotional campaign, the actor spoke nonstop to the media, got clicked with his ardent fans, posed for the photographers and dropped in at a jam-packed mall to break into a jig and interact with his supporters.

Shah Rukh Khan's forthcoming film 'Chennai Express' revolves around the story of a Tamil girl (Deepika) who grows fond of a North Indian (SRK) irrespective of the language hurdles they have to combat. Born to a Pathan father and a South Indian mother, the actor is aware of the imminent North and South divide and spoke to us about how his parents would respond and react when they would be upset and get involved in harmless fights.
"Mere father Peshawar se they aur mother Karnataka se. Kabhie kabhie dono mei kuch chalta rehta tha. I thought it (arguments, disagreements) was sexy. Kyunki jab do log, jo ek doosre se pyaar kartey hain, ladtey samay apni apni alag alag bhasha mei bolte hain. And even as they communicate in different languages, they get to discover a lot about each other. That's why I used the word 'sexy'," he laughs.

Shah Rukh Khan and his 'Chennai Express' team had visited several cities before they headed to Delhi for its promotional activity. Despite hectic work schedule and stress, which can leave anybody worn out, SRK looks as fresh as ever. "It is a fact that I get very attached to all the films I do. And that's also why I do everything to promote them. Promotional campaigns are extremely important for films. So what if it means touring different cities? We slept at 5am after we reached Delhi (were in Chandigarh a few hours back)! The 'thakaan' means nothing to me," he expalins.

Shah Rukh Khan, who is working with Deepika Padukone for the second time, after a gap of almost five years, feels uncomfortable when he is asked if her co-star has changed over these many years. "Everybody asks me this question, but I have no answer to this. I feel it is very patronizing to comment on the changes that occurred in the last few years. For me, Deepika Padukone is an epitome of a great acting. The kind of films she has done speaks a lot of her capability as an actor. She wanted to do a special film with me, and that's why we didn't work for so long. Deepika is the soul of 'Chennai Express'. I'm extremely thankful to work with a friend and a great actor like Deepika Padukone," he replies.

Seen flaunting his dance moves with National Award-winning actress Priyamani in 'One Two Three Four', SRK admits performing in a typical south Indian style wasn't as easy as it might appear. "In this song, we tried our best to create South India in the manner it is shown in cinema. That's also the reason why everybody who has been roped in for the film are from South. Yes, I was uncomfortable in the song, but I asked the choreographer to explain me how they would shot the song down South. I just didn't want to mess around with it. I told the choreographers, 'Mujhe thoda waqt dijiye.' Deepika and Priyamani have been very encouraging. With their goodness and encouragement we did it," he recalls.

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