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'Sihi Gaali' is boring

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Updated: March 26, 2010, 5:03 PM IST
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'Sihi Gaali' is boring
The film loses out on poor storyline

Film: Sihi Gaali

Cast: Sri Murali, Shirin, Thulasi Shivamani, Sharan and others

Director: Lekhan

Music Composer: BR Shankar

Debutant director Lekhan seems to have taken the audiences for granted with his film Sihi Gaali that features Sri Murali in the lead. The actor's another film Sree Hari Kathe is competing at the box office with Sihi Gaali this week.

The title of the movie may be sweet (Sihi Gaali means sweet air), but the film is not. It does not connect to the story that ends tragically with the hero, heroine and hero's mother ending their lives. But as the film reaches the climax, it is more like an uninterrupted brain drain for the audience.

Lekhan has actually not worked on the script and his imagination goes haywire in each sequence of the film. Sihi Gaali lacks logic and one doubts whether the producers or the stars of the film had heard the story before signing it. Bad luck Murali, you have again chosen a wrong project.

Music director BR Shankar has composed two songs for the film, which have neither been placed properly in the script nor shot rightly.

Dharani works as an architect in the city and his sole ambition is to save enough money to build a house in his village. Dharani meets Jeeva in a temple and falls for her immediately. But Jeeva's uncle has an eye on her.

Meanwhile, Dharani gets embroiled in an issue with the contract killers. His mother comes to city when Dharani goes to village to meet her.

Lekhan's brainless narrative fails to bring even decent performance from talented artists like Sri Murali, Thualsi Shivamani and Sharan. Shirin is wasted. However Murali shines in a few action sequences.

It is better to avoid Sihi Gaali.

First Published: March 26, 2010, 5:03 PM IST
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