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Silk Hot Mega: Veena Malik plays Silk Smitha


First published: April 21, 2012, 5:29 PM IST | Updated: April 21, 2012
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Silk Hot Mega: Veena Malik plays Silk Smitha
Trishul, director of Dirty Picture in Kannada, has confirmed the news that they have finalised Veena for the movie.

New Delhi: Being radical is not new to Veena Malik. The actress, who garnered attention in Bollywood is all set to make an entry down south in a Kannada film, titled, Dirty Picture: Silk Hot Maga. Veena will now gear up to sizzle in Sandalwood as Silk for this film.

Trishul, director of Dirty Picture in Kannada, has confirmed the news that they have finalised Veena for the movie. On the other hand, rumour did the rounds that Nikitha Thukral and Pooja Gandhi were in the race to get dirty.

"We were actually trying to get in touch with Veena for the past 4 to 5 months. But the actress was not reachable as she shuttles between Dubai, London or Pakistan. Meanwhile, we tried to rope in Nikitha or Pooja, which didn't work out for us. Finally, our attempt to have Veena in the film succeeded as she agreed to do the film," reveals Trishul.

The director, who wrote the script, tells us, that he's not remaking the Bollywood version of Dirty Picture. "The recent Dirty Picture did not reveal the exact life of Silk Smitha, which I will show in my movie," says Trishul, adding, "In fact, Veena got quite emotional and cried, when we narrated our version. She was moved with the real story of Silk. In fact, Veena will be paid a hero's remuneration to play the role of Silk."

"Her payment including her travel expenses will amount to one crore," says the director, who plans to bring her down to Bangalore on May 10. "She's not only agreed to do a kissing scene and wear a two piece as per the script. She's also keen to dub in her own voice. Veena will definitely do justice to our film," he adds. The Kannada version of Dirty Picture will highlight some of the rare incidents,

which took place during Silk Smitha days. "For eg., Silk had bitten an apple, which later was auctioned for 1 lakh. Silk always thought that she was bigger than the hero. Such real life incidents will be shown according to our nativity," explains Trishul.

"We are planning to bring in the south nativity, which will be completely different from the Bollywood version," says Akshay. Silk Smitha has also acted with top heroes like Shivaji Ganesan, Kamal Haasan, Chiranjeevi.

Though, Akshay has a small role in Dirty Picture, he's more than happy to be a part of the movie. "I'm glad to be acting with the current Bollywood hottie, Veena Malik. More than that, it is the script written by Trishul, which convinced me to be a part of the project. I'm glad that my father is producing the film."

According to Akshay, Bollywood film Dirty Picture lacked commercial aspect. "We are going to have a couple of fights in the film. That's what South Indian films are all about. We are also hoping for some senior artistes who have acted with her to do guest appearances in our film," reveals Akshay.

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