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Singur case: Judge refuses to gag media


First published: July 19, 2011, 4:04 PM IST | Updated: July 19, 2011
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Singur case: Judge refuses to gag media
Tata Motors' counsel refused to argue the case over the alleged "personal attack" by a WB government lawyer.

Kolkata: The Calcutta High Court on Tuesday witnessed moments of high drama during hearing on Singur issue with Tata Motors' counsel refusing to argue the case over the alleged "personal attack" by a West Bengal government lawyer and the judge turning down Advocate General's plea to order a media gag on the day's proceedings.

At the start of the hearing on Tuesday morning, Tata Motors' counsel Samaraditya Pal alleged that Kalyan Bandopadhyay, the counsel for the West Bengal government, had made personal attacks against him on a TV channel on Monday.

Pal told the court that he was mentally disturbed and was not in a position to argue the case as he could not prepare himself and also felt like quitting the case.

Justice Saumitra Pal said that he was also embarrassed with the episode.

Bandopadhyay was not present in the court.

After the court re-assembled in the afternoon, Justice Pal called both Advocate General Anindya and Pal and spoke to them in private.

Mitra then requested Justice Pal to order mediapersons present in the courtroom not to publicise the allegations and counter-allegations, which the judge refused to do.

Justice Saumitra Pal told the Advocate General that he media was just carrying out its duty. The hearing will continue on Wednesday.

The High Court is hearing the Tata Motors' writ petition challenging the Singur Land Development and Rehabilitation Act 2011.

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