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Smaller states are necessary in India but Congress does not want it: R Rajagopalan on Telangana

Updated: January 25, 2013, 6:47 PM IST
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Smaller states are necessary in India but Congress does not want it: R Rajagopalan on Telangana
Political analyst R Rajagopalan joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the Telanga

The Congress is divided over bifurcating Andhra Pradesh and creating a new state of Telangana. Several party leaders have questioned the timing and need for creating Telangana, sources say. So where does the statehood issues currently stand? Political analyst and 'Vaartha' bureau chief R Rajagopalan joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the Telangana impasse.

Q. Do you really feel that if Telangana comes, would there be any different in way of living? Asked by: sai

A. Smaller states are the necessity for India. But to create such, needs a political will. UPA2 lacks it. UPA2 is divided on smaller states.

Q. Is Congress for Telangana or is it for integrated state according to you? Asked by: irfan

A. Congress does not have a resolution on Telangana. Just to win the elections and it claims to create-but retreats as it wins the polls Congress will not create Telangana- that is a firm decision, but are afraid of sharing in public as it will lose votes.

Q. Will Congress ever grant Telangana? Asked by: irfan

A. No, I do not think so. Congress is duping K Chandrsekhar Rao and he in turn duping the Telanganites. with false hopes and day dreams.

Q. Hi Sir, Good Afternoon, Bifurcating Andhra Pradesh and creating a new state of Telangana will it help BJP and suites Narendra Modi makes inroads or it's going to be Congress political blunder. Thanks & Regards Jagannath Asked by: Jagannath Pujar

A. NDA had political will to create smaller states. Whether it will help Modi or not-certainly it will cost Congress much.

Q. Sir, why is the congress party reluctant to announce Telangana as by doing so, they will sweep the Lok sabha elections from Telangana and Rayalseema will anyways go with Jagan Reddy? Asked by: Ankit

A. Congress is so scared of Andhra Congress MPs Congress leaders feel that they will either resign or vote against UPA during Budget session or during the Lok Sabha votings on cut motions.

Q. Why congress party playing with Telangana issue? Asked by: venkat

A. Congress wants to keep the Telangana issue alive. There are contradictions amongst the Congress MPs leaders..

Q. Muslims are not against Telangana as is being projected or Congress fearing MIM consequences? Asked by: syed hamidullah

A. Congress is fearing MIM. Especially after it got alliance with Jagan Reddy. Congress is not bothered about whether Hindu or Muslim are against Telangana. Otherwise, will the same Congress fill the Union Ministry during its shuffle - fill all Congress MPs in it. especially Chiranjivi with a heavy portfolio.

Q. If Congress is dead against AP divsion why doesn't it say openly. Asked by: gautham

A. How can Congress go back. It has given assurances during 2004 YSR padayatra- subsequently Abdul kalam assurance to Parliament in his joint session address. that Telangana will be created. But later developments caused immense set back to Congress- that is why Congress is withdrawing from its commitment.

Q. Does the Congress stand to win more seats by splitting the state? Asked by: AC

A. When Congress does not have a proper resolute- how can it forecast of winning more seats. If this trend continues about the suspense on Telangana- as an observer of Andhra politics for many years- can sum up that Congress will end up with single digit seats in Parliament. and do not expect more seats.

Q. For gaining political mileage politcis based on religion is bad for the country, then how is this statehood of telangana different? which has created animosity between people who are speaking same language, culture but just different in slang that's all. Asked by: Rags@India

A. This is a political ploy. To whip up the emotions and sentiments of the people. That is why Congress is now using such tactics. In the next Lok Sabha Polls- I am of the view that Congress would be reduced to single digit from Andhra. And considerable defeat in state assembly.

Q. If congress delays decision further tehre is every chance of seemandhra going to Jagan and TDP and telangana to BJP.Congress will be biggest loser. Do you agree? Asked by: irfan

A. I certainly agree. For this one has to blame it on Congess leadership. Eagerly waited for the Chintan Shiver in Jaipur to come out with policy statement on Telangna. Nothing happened. Now a great expectation that Rahul Gandhi will certainly bring a solution on Telangana. In practical purposes-it is high time that Rahul GAndhi should begin his elevated position as Vice president with a tour to all three regions in Andhra ... Will he do it?

Q. Is it Hyderabad and its money or are these people really concerned about Telangana? My view is that the bifurcation will lead to more plunder, given the current levels of corruption being witnessed. Whats your take? Asked by: Srikanth

A. You may be right. But from my view. As we are now in a growth path-on GDP and in other spheres-smaller states are must. For developments. But central political leadership are not sincere. To achieve smaller states - we miss stature of Atal Bihari Vajpayee or Indira Gandhi. To take bold decisions. In present context separation of states should be carefully dealt.

Q. People who doing Telangana agitation were equating this agitation with freedom struggle which we did 66 years ago with britishers, then are seemandhra people behaved like britishers. Asked by: Rags@India

A. Certainly it is an emotive and sensitive issue. Government of the day should carefully consider these aspects. But when we have dual leadership era, like Sonia on one side, Dr Manmohan Singh on the other, - there will not be a freedom struggle like situation. I do not see division of Andhra in next five years.

Q. Why can't Congress grant Telangana, as politically it will give mileage to Congress in Telangana? If it won't give, it will be wiped out in AndhraPradesh because of Jagan and Telangana factor. So, Wouldn't it be wise for COngress to give Telangana and get mileage atleast in Telangana region, as any way, it is going to lose for Jagan in the rest of Andhra Pradesh. Asked by: Pawan

A. Congress thinks in short term. Say February 2013 Union Budget session should be successful. For example when FDI in retail voting was to be done, Central Congress leaders thought that 15-20 Andhra MPs will vote against UPA2. Therefore Andhra Congress MPs have become Lord Venkateswra for senior Congress leaders. Each day prayers and short of touching the feets of Andhra Congress MPs. Such was behaviour of Central Congress leadership. Therefore Congress is a divided house, they will not declare Telangana. More than Telangana AICC is scared of kins of YSR and their popularity. Especially after YSR entered alliance with MIM.

Q. Isn't the best way is to go out for "second state reorganization committee". This way not only Telangana, but also Vidharbha, Gorkhaland and other demands can be relooked and states reorganised. Asked by: S ESHWAR

A. No clarity and straightforward thinking in AICC. The best opportunity AICC missued during Srikrishna Commission and its report. SRC will take longer time. India is in for multiparty-coalition era-with this backdrop I do not envisage smaller states. Like Gorkhaland, Vidharba etc.

Q. What makes you say 'Smaller states are necessary in India'. Smaller states only help in making few parts of the state even poorer and only help political class become richer. Let's step back and ask what did political class do in their constituency. Asked by: Sri@India

A. With success of Chhatisgarh and Uttarakhand, I am drawn towards smaller states. Of course there are political issues. but for development of the economy, infrastructure and public awareness-a concerted effort to be made by Centre to go in for smaller states. But with utmost care. We lost 20 years and should not lose more time.

Q. Do you think Andhra will be back on track at least after 2014 polls? Asked by: Surya

A. I do not think so. Andhra Pradesh politics is very peculiar. Especially in the past fifteen years or so. With TDP in NDA and YSR striving hard to get 35 MPs for Congress in 2004 and 2009 now issues are complicated. And andhra will neve be back on track even in 2019... But my understanding is that Lok Sabha polls are in September 2013 this year. And not in 2014 next year.

Q. The big question is what will happen to Hyderabad. Your views pl Asked by: Srikanth

A. Hyderabad is the crucial issue, which blocks solutions. No central leader would like to give Hyderabad on a silver plate. It is too sensitive. In fact a senior Union Minister told me that Hyderabad, Nothing will happen to Hyderabad as long as UPA2 is in power.

Q. My question is to R Rajagopalan sir will congress get benefit in 2014 if it separate Telengana from AP. Asked by: PRINCE SANGHI

A. No benefit to Congress - Even if Telangana is assured- aam aadhmi will not believe Congress. Congress will be reduced to two digits in the 2014, as Congress is losing Organisation, voters and aam aadhmi imaginations. Therefore even if Telangana is born - Congress will struggle to cross two digits.

First Published: January 25, 2013, 6:47 PM IST
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