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Sudhir Mishra: 'Inkaar' is about love and ambition

Rohit Vats | http://nawabjha

Updated: January 19, 2013, 11:53 AM IST
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Sudhir Mishra: 'Inkaar' is about love and ambition
Sudhir Mishra talks about what motivates him to write women characters that can carry their own burden.

New Delhi: Director Sudhir Mishra has always portrayed strong female protagonists in his films and his latest offering 'Inkaar' is no exception. In an interview with IBNLive, Mishra talks about what motivated him to write women characters that can carry their own burden.

"Things depend a lot on your personal experiences. I have been influenced by very strong women in my life. I have met bright women who don't totally belong to you," he said.

He has been maintaining the same process of filmmaking since his 'Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron' days. "There have been many ups and downs but it was really interesting, I have managed to make more than 12 films, short films, have done a lot of TV, and the best thing is that I was allowed to function independently to a large extent."

Mishra opens up a little more about his journey in showbiz, "I was not the most talented among my friends but not all of us could handle the rigours of this profession. Sometimes, it's a very humiliating profession, anybody can tell you anything, you have to learn to take a lot of rejections. Then you become wiser and move on to your next project. But, then anything could have been better."

Mishra's depiction of time and space can often catch you unguarded. "'Chameli' and 'Is Raat Ki Subah Nahin' covered a small space but other films have a fairly wider space. I wanted to showcase the lives of the people trapped in a crisis in 'Chameli' and 'Is Raat' and it was interesting to describe their past without actually dwelling into the past. On the other hand 'Inkaar' covers a span of seven years but the structure is not linear, 'Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi' showcased a span of ten years, so it depends on the story. Every story should be as short as possible."

Not many filmmakers would risk casting Arjun Rampal in such a gray role. "He suited the part of a charismatic individual who doesn't look like somebody who can harass people, but some kind of power shift happens in his head, and there is his vulnerability. When I thought about the character immediately Arjun Rampal came into my head."

How would he describe 'Inkaar'? "It is about urban relationships, in fact it's about love in the times of ambition. The background of a sexual harassment case was apt because today when men and women collide, men start questioning intelligent women who don't belong to them and at the same time women also fall prey to certain ambitions, so there are clashes happening at many levels."

Mishra has always focussed on a new side of Chitrangada's personality. "She is somebody who I find very interesting, I always work well with her, I know what she is capable of. She can work in that ambit of mysterious, intelligent, vulnerable woman really well."

The filmmaker makes it clearer. "She portrays a kind of sensuality which comes from intelligence and independence. I mean, see, these are the traits of the women I write, don't confuse the persons with the characters. I am not claiming to depict her in her real life but she portrays the aspects of the female characters I write in my films."

Currently, Mishra said he was looking forward to his next -'Mehrunissa'. So is his audience.

First Published: January 19, 2013, 11:53 AM IST
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