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Tamil Review: 'Kan Pesum Vaarthaigal' lacks a story line

Updated: March 24, 2013, 2:04 PM IST
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Tamil Review: 'Kan Pesum Vaarthaigal' lacks a story line
Actors like Janngri Madhimitha, Livington, Naan Kadavul Rajendran play key roles in the Tamil film.

Director: R Balaji

Cast: Senthil, Iniya, Muruga doss, Janngri Madhimitha, Livington, Naan Kadavul Rajendran

Tamil film 'Kanpesum Varthaigal' is the latest in the long line up of romantic flicks that are so staple for the film industry now a days. What is interesting about the film is that all the best shots of this film is been filmed in Singapore and the action shifts to Chennai only for the climax and also director Balaji has made every effort to avoid the stereotypes.

Actor Mahesh's role in the film is in an example and the artist has truely shown his craft. Mahesh is a jobless young man , living in Thiruvarur with his parents, but hangs out with his friends all the time. However, he is also a district level shuttle cock player.

The film shows that his father is tired of his antics, specially when Mahesh is involved in a brawl, and attempts to end his life. After this inccident a shocked Mahesh asks his friend and relative Appu Kutty who has recently found a job in Singapore to send a work visa for him as well, and most of the action takes place there.
Arriving in Singapore, Mahesh looks impressed with the orderly life there, and vows to try for a citizenship and also a better life. Mahesh's presence of mind in solving a crisis on the job front brings him to the notice of the manager of the construction site, who helps the man progress in his career. Happily he moves on to his next plan of action, identifying a woman who is also Singapore citizen, so that he can also gain citizenship.
However, when he comes across Janani played by actor Iniya he thinks he has been very clever. Also, Janani is beholden to her uncle palyed by actor Rajendran who is planning to marry her as his second wife himself. Also, Mahesh makes her fall in love with him gradually. The scene where the two of them walk around wearing placards saying 'I proposed, she said yes' makes you smile and enjoy their romantic on screen chemistry.

However, Mahesh finds out that Janani is only on a work permit and is upset. The same day her uncle Rajendran finds out about her love and forces her to return home. The rest of the story revolves around whether love conquers all.
To say the least Senthil and Iniya come through with above average performance. On many occasions the dialogues are pretty good, although they are a bit lengthy at times. Cinematographer Naga Krishnan has also shown his mettle shooting some lovely locations in Singapore, and not just the tourist spots. A good attempt, but following just four characters is a bit tiring at times.

First Published: March 24, 2013, 2:04 PM IST
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