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The Agenda for Change: Suggestions to make India safer for women

Updated: December 31, 2012, 2:10 PM IST
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The Agenda for Change: Suggestions to make India safer for women
As the nation mourns the death of Delhi braveheart, CNN-IBN has compiled a list of measures to tackle the menace of sexual harassment.

New Delhi: Even as the nation comes to terms with one of the most horrific gangrapes ever reported from its capital, CNN-IBN has compiled a list of measures, that if implemented effectively, can go a long way in curtailing the rising crime graph against women.

The laws should be made stricter, policing effective and the society sensitised. The people have to be vigilant and act as the eyes and ears of the police.

To know more, read below: CNN-IBN's Agenda for Change.

Law and Justice: Urgently redefine, rewrite laws on crimes against women

- Make non-registration of crimes against women a punishable offence

- Examine lowering of existing age definition of juvenile offenders

- Enhance punishment in certain categories of crime against women

- Re-examine provisions of Evidence Act, CrPC which cause trial delays

- Mandatory fast-track courts for crimes against women in states

- Drastic upgrade, re-training of prosecution wing of police

- Invest in overhaul of forensic laboratories, training of scientists

- Mandatory advanced training of sub-inspectors and above in forensics

- Hire policemen separately for investigation skills, law and order duties'

Society and governance: More women politicians in assemblies and parliament

- Politicians who make anti-women statements be suspended

- Voters ostracise politicians who carry anti-women mindset

Politics and governance: Train civic bodies to understand concept of security in public spaces

- Create key action points to manage differences in urban, rural governance

- Look at city services as force-multipliers for public safety

- Bring concept of world class street-lighting, CCTVs across cities

- Make safety and security a deliverable for public transport operators

- Use citizen volunteer force to improve public-police cooperation

- Targeted gender sensitization training for officials at public interface points

What states can do: States should accept policing is outdated, needs a radical alteration

- Radically overhaul recruitment, training and managing of police

- All states to pledge grants to triple police officials and patrol cars

- Mandatorily link enhancing, upgrading police with growth of population

- Budget and plan separately for installation and VIP security in cities

- Make street crime prevention an officially stated policy

- Make non-registration of crime an offence for police officials

- Urgently implement the SC-mandated police reforms in each state

- Urgent audit of personnel to weed out delinquents, non-performers

- Allocate substantial funds for massive upgrade in technology for police

Policing: Increase surprise checks on buses

- More police presence in areas with large student population

- Police should carry out intensive checks around border areas

- Police must ensure heavy patrolling near malls and market areas

- Rape cases must be tried in fast-track courts with swift punishments

- Mandatory bar lights on roof for patrolling cars

- Mandatory bar lights on through the night

- Visible round-up of molesters in public areas

- Carry out visible and regular chase-and-nab operations

- Make integration of criminal databases across the country mandatory;

- Community-based crime prevention involving citizens

- Install GPS, CCTV on all buses, commercial vehicles

First Published: December 31, 2012, 2:10 PM IST
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