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The Bachelorette India: Mallika too fake to be a part of a reality show?

Shomini Sen | http://shominisen

Updated: October 8, 2013, 1:26 PM IST
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The Bachelorette India: Mallika too fake to be a part of a reality show?
In the garb of reality television, 'The Bachelorette India' followed a set script.

New Delhi: It was exactly the way we had expected it to be. Mallika Sherawat's debut on TV was just like the actress herself. Fake, dramatic and more importantly hilarious to the point of being repetitive.

In the garb of reality television, 'The Bachelorette India' followed a set script and had some very interesting men as contestants. All wooed Mallika Sherawat, all used extremely old pick up lines (Is your father a thief? He stole two stars and set them in your eyes) and all were from Punjab. Well, almost all of them.

Mallika Sherawat entered the show in a yellow scooter, in an attempt to be cutesy-girl-next-door-turned-diva. Dressed in a Tarun Tahiliani outfit and a lip job and a beauty spot perfectly in place, Mallika explained to Rohit Roy, the show's host, that how her "worrrld" was make believe and she wanted to settle down with some 'rheal'. When Rohit asked Mallika why she wanted to be a part of such a show, she said how women in India still don't have the right to choose their own partners so through the show she would like to give out a message to one and all about women empowerment. Yes, she said that. I am not making it up.

The very 'rhheal' Reema Lamba- I am sorry- Mallika Sherawat then welcomed the contestants one by one who introduced themselves and gave her 'tohfa'. And they were all kinds! From see through dresses, to fake flowers which blooms when you press a button, to even a goat- suitors were all extremely creative.

Mallika showed no disparity in choosing her men for the next round. From a single dad to a jumping Sikh who looked like he had just graduated from Bhatinda School of Bhangra, to a wrestler from Canada in a pink kurta to even a 63 year old divorcee whose daughter was six years younger than Mallika, the actress gave a rose to twenty such men who were told that they had been chosen for the next round.

There was also an elimination right in the beginning when a dentist came and showed Mallika how he had carved her name on his hand. Mallika gasped, shed a few invisible tears and said such a thing was just not acceptable and broke down saying "this is so disturbing!". Oh the horrors! Promptly Rohit had to ask him to leave the show.

There was also the singer-hugger who came and hugged her. Mallika looked surprised while he walked off and all the other contestants sniggered and mentally said , "Wrong move bro!" but surprise surprise, Mallika chose him to the next round, because he later interrupted her date with another suitor and sang a song to say sorry. All was well in Mallika land after that "sweet apology".

The show, set in Udaipur, will have suitors competing in various tasks to gain Mallika's approval. Every week few of the contestants will be eliminated.

Is it any different from 'Rakhi Ka Swayamvar'? Not really. Neither does it offer anything extremely entertaining unless you find Mallika and her accent amusing.

But then in the name of reality television, if we can watch some pseudo celebrities cook dal-chawal and fight over who goes to the loo first in a show, then we can surely be a part of Mallika's quest for a suitable boy, no?

First Published: October 8, 2013, 1:26 PM IST
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