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The idea of a Telangana territorial council will not end problems: Pallavi Ghosh


Updated: February 6, 2013, 11:38 AM IST
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The idea of a Telangana territorial council will not end problems: Pallavi Ghosh
Why the Congress is dragging its feet on Telangana.

Why the Congress is dragging its feet on Telangana. CNN-IBN's deputy bureau chief Pallavi Ghosh joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

Q. Why the congress is delaying? Is it because of Hyderabad city issue or any other relevant issue that is causing delay or is it just political to delay? Asked by: Prithviraj Chavan

A. Hyderabad is one concern because there are huge business interests involved..apart from that Congress worried about losing out in elections.

Q. Why the Congress is dragging its feet on Telangana. Asked by: Urmi

A. They are trying to come out with a please all decision which never really happens.

Q. Do you think UPA or NDA will give the state of Telangana? Can we expect the decision in near future? Asked by: R Patel

A. For now congress discussing territorial council seriously..but as many Telangana MPS told me it would be unacceptable to them and agitation would be stepped up..so its definitely moving towards separate state.

Q. Hi ma'am, Question now is not about Telangana, its about the credibility of the union government. Right from Dec 9th 2009 statement to Statement of Shinde after all party meet, none of them were honored. As a responsible citizen what do you feel about this sorry state affairs? Asked by: Mahender

A. Yes either that statement shouldn't have been made..if they had it should have been adhered to..even now Shinde had committed to announcement on 28th January 2013..they didn't keep it..that's why dragging feet is harming the Congress.

Q. Won't smaller states make local parties rampant and diminish national parties and so finally pose threat to Unity of India and lead to political instability in India with lot many parties? Asked by: Pawan

A. No, in fact Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand are national party ruled..in the end it depends on governance.

Q. Do the people of Telangana really feel that having a state will solve problems? Look at Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh. Its a shame we don't learn! Asked by: Abhishek

A. Jharkhand's problem has got to do with the politicians and not the fact that its a small state.

Q. Congress is looking at a potential win win situation if it can comply Jagan to form a alliance & absorb TRS after declaring Telangana, why is it dithering? Asked by: aditya

A. They are worried about losing rest of Andhra..plus there are corporate vested interests involved in keeping Hyderabad with united Andhra.

Q. Isn't it true that more smaller states does not necessarily mean a stronger federal set-up, instead it could also mean a stronger centre! Asked by: lalithadithya

A. Yes, it could but for the moment the centre doesn't seem too strong.

Q. DO you think as Congress looks destined to loose they want to handover the hot potato? Asked by: Rahul Pathak

A. As of now congress likely to lose Andhra anyway..one argument is that if it gives Telangana, at least it will form govt there.

Q. Is there any benefit to BJP by formation of Telangana? Asked by: andha kanoon

A. Well they hope to do a repeat of what happened in Chhattisgarh which has a BJP govt.

Q. Do you think for any government it is possible to please everyone in this case entire AP? Do you feel congress is only concentrating on regaining power & making Rahul Gandhi PM? Asked by: Mohith

A. Agree..cannot have a please all policy ever..it has to bite the bullet and decide either way.

Q. Does congress Seriously expect Telangana agitators to be satisfied with a regional council & given that Rayalaseema is poorer than it, would it be rational. Asked by: aditya

A. I spoke to some pro Telengana leaders..none of them accept it..the idea of a territorial council will not end problems.

Q. Dear Madam, The proposal for a seperate telengana was in the air since 1947. What is the point in dragging it? Asked by: Srinivasan Krishnan

A. They referred it to Sri Krishna commission in the hope they could buy time and come out with some solution..doesn't seem so.

Q. With "Damned if you do and Damned if you don't" situation, what do you think will be the optimal approach for Telangana? Asked by: Gaurav

A. Yes..and that's why congress looking for the elusive middle path.

Q. Do You Think Congress is becoming more "Rahul Centric"? Asked by: Suyog

A. Wasn't it always Gandhi centric.

Q. Do you think congress has political will to solve Telangana issue? Is it ready to loose power in state for that matter even in central & take a decision in either way? Asked by: Sai

A. It doesn't want to lose power which is why its dragging its feet..fails to realise that this dragging feet will actually harm it.

Q. Let's say, they have a Telangana. We already have a Gorkhaland request. Add to that a request to trifurcate UP and Maybe Vidharba... Do you reckon a Telangana territorial council with a states re org commission with mandate of 6 months work out.. that should please all. an elaborate exercise than doing piece meal. Asked by: Abhishek

A. That's the logic of the central govt..that if you give Telangana others will ask for more..but then they gave Chattisgarh, Jharkhand and Uttarakhand too.

Q. One last thing, I feel Jagan is talked up by media. After all his political life is 3 year old and sooner than later people will come out of grief of losing YSR. Why hype him so much? Asked by: Abhishek

A. Congress made the mistake of not handling him carefully..if they had the monster wouldn't have raised his head.

Q. Is congress core group also divide over Telangana? Is it only corporate interests or they are concerned about other demands like Ghorkaland also? Asked by: Srikanth

A. Core group seems divided..Shinde and Azad not in favour of Telangana..Chidambaram wants a decision to be taken soon.

Q. Chances of Telangana formation? Asked by: Sree

A. 50-50

Q. Don't you think Telangana is purely politically motivated movement? Asked by: Phani

A. Well..separate state movements by their nature are expected to be political

Q. Does telangana prosper after the separation,as other smaller states does not developed after coming into existence. Asked by: abdullah

A. true and agree..but much depends on the governance

Q. Does setting up 2nd State reorganization committee would solve the growing demands of smaller states? Asked by: sam

A. Doesn't seem to have.

Q. Does leaders or rulers will solve the issues related to political mileage or do do they really address people's problems, I think is Telangana is people's demand. Asked by: Ramesh B

A. There are many groups now..many vested interests..so difficult to say anything.

Q. Telangana territorial council requires a constitutional amendment with 2/3 of votes in assembly unlike the formation of a new state which requires only simple majority, given the BJP is likely to oppose a half way solution, any other options for Congress. Asked by: aditya

A. None really which is why the idea of council could be aborted too.

Q. Is it possible that congress leadership is detached from reality at ground & is misleaded by vested interests from Coastal Andhra. Asked by: kiran

A. Possibly.

Q. On personal note ..what is your opinion about Telangana, Gorkhaland and Vidharbha statehood demand? Do you see any justification for separate statehood demand for Gorkhaland as the demand is more than a Century old, making it oldest statehood demand ever? Asked by: Suman Sangma

A. In some cases when the internal differences are too deep, I guess it makes sense.

Q. Why did the National media unequivocally blocked out any news on Telangana agitation given the unprecedented mobilisation & relentless struggle it witnessed. Asked by: kondanda

A. Didn't block but sometimes excessive show of violence could make situation volatile..so I guess they were being careful..some regional channels too sensationalist.

First Published: February 6, 2013, 11:38 AM IST
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