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The intelligence agencies need to be trained in gathering actionable intelligence: K Nageshwar

Updated: February 22, 2013, 4:50 PM IST
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The intelligence agencies need to be trained in gathering actionable intelligence: K Nageshwar
Did the Hyderabad Police neglect Central Intelligence inputs?

Did the Hyderabad Police neglect Central Intelligence inputs? Political analyst and independent member of Andhra Pradesh Legislative Council K Nageshwar joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

Q. I don't think so, what could have happened is they did not extensively publicise, that such a thing could occur. Even if they had information, it is near impossible to trace any body in areas like, Dilsukhnagar, Miyapur, Uppal, Pr old city, or any Rythu bazaars in the city. Government should have spread the information more loudly, here it seems they have failed. Asked by: S ESHWAR

A. The union home minister said that the centre has prior information of a possible terrorist strike and it has been shared with the states. But, the home minister said the centre did not have specific information. No one can expect specific information of such attacks. But, the question here is whether the state government has not developed the information provided by the centre into actionable intelligence inputs. CNN-IBN revealed the Delhi police interrogation report which even specifies Dhilsukhnagar as a possible target. When a TV channel can access such information that too a police interrogation report, why was it not shared with state. Did the state government failed even after the Delhi police or the centre shared such specific inputs with sate government. These are the questions that demand answers from the both state and central governments.

Q. Do you think all sort of security forces need to be under one umbrella so that they can be measured and helped properly? Asked by: Suvod G

A. There should be proper coordination between different agencies. The information sharing systems should be very fast and action oriented. Just creating an Omnibus institution may not also help.

Q. What are the present mechanisms to ensure accountability in Intelligence Agencies? What can be done to improve efficiency and coordination among intelligence agencies and policing in India? Asked by: Rakesh Reddy

A. The politicization of police should be immediately stopped. The police and the intelligence agencies should be developed into professional agencies with proper systems of accountability put in place. The police should be provided with modern training and equipment. Different forms of training need to be imparted to meet different security situations. The law and order and intelligence wings should be separated. The constable is the link between the state and society . He or She should be properly trained and rewarded. sufficient number of beat constables should be placed on duty. The community policing should be encouraged. The police people relationship should undergo radical transformation.

Q. There are certain reports that the Hyderabad Police had received specific inputs from Central agencies way back but chose to overlook them. Is this true? Asked by: Revathi

A. As of now what we know is that there were specific inputs available. But, we do not know whether the centre has shared it with the state. The Delhi police interrogation of someone related to a group called Indian Mujahiyidin revealed that the terrorist have planned for attack in Dhisukhnagar , Begum Bazer ,and Abids areas. When the centre has alerted the state before 24 hours, there should have been action in areas like Dhisukhnagar which figured in the interrogation report apart from having past history of such incidents. The adjoining areas are centres of radical groups. But, the moot point is whether state police is aware of Delhi police interrogation report .

Q. It is not that Andhra police neglect something. In India no one bothers about common man and their welfare. We have no one to blame except ourselves because it is a democracy and we elect the government. Asked by: Abdul Rashid

A. Let us also not be so cynical. Our government agencies and especially police have been successful in preventing many such incidents. But, still there are many lapses in the system that need to be rectified. The terrorists are also resorting to urban terrorism. They attack crowded areas so that they can inflict greater causality with even low intensity explosives. The metal detectors are in place in many areas in the city. But, in India We could never catch even a single terrorist using the metal detectors.

Q. Culprits have damaged the CCTV Cameras 4 days before the incident. If it was there we might have some clues. Do you think the officers and police department are doing their duties? Do you think is this state government failure or Central government failure? As your are one of the peoples representative please give the valuable suggestions to the government. May be the government will not listen to the real peoples representative but everyone has to do their duty right? Asked by: Lakshmikanth Gelli

A. There is no dearth of suggestions. What is lacking is the action. There are many instances of CC cameras not functioning in many places. The deeper analysis is required. No such terrorist attacks that to so many times are not possible without the support of local modules. and sleeper cells. The government has to take steps to neutralise such modules. The explosive trade should be strictly regulated. The attempts of fundamentalist groups to radicalize local youth in old city should be frustrated. The politics of communal polarisation from both sides should be strongly dealt with. The local criminal gangs need to be busted. The police force should be free from political interference. However the police need to function with accountability.

Q. Why frequent terror bomb blasts occur in few cities like Mumbai, Hyd, Delhi When Kolkata, Chennai remain safe? Any particular reasons from social and political conditions of these cities? Asked by: Rakesh Reddy

A. The social and political conditions of the city certainly has a role to play. The terrorists should find local support for logistics. The terrorists select cities that have economic significance like Mumbai, political significance like Delhi, religious divide like Hyderabad or Ahmedabad or Coiambattore. Their objective is to create maximum damage, promote communal hatred, demoralise our security forces, get maximum publicity, execute the plan effectively and escape.

Q. Dear Sir, In every city it is said that intelligence inputs are ignored and state often says these are not specific intelligence inputs. Is it time to relook at the process of managing these alerts, would you recommend any changes. Asked by: Narayan

A. The intelligence agencies need to be trained in gathering actionable intelligence. The human intelligence should be strengthened. The intelligence inputs coming from myriad sources should be processed and alerts should be sent to concerned agencies in time.

Q. Is it because intelligence agencies come under different ministries, there is lack of coordination? if all those agencies come under defence ministry it may be better? Asked by: Sathyaki

A. It is not the question of different ministries managing. But, what is more important is proper coordination among them.

First Published: February 22, 2013, 4:50 PM IST
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