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There is every possibility that Hyderabad turns into one more Kashmir valley: K Nageshwar


Updated: January 10, 2013, 6:38 PM IST
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There is every possibility that Hyderabad turns into one more Kashmir valley: K Nageshwar
Politics of hate: MIM MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi's arrest

All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi has been arrested on the charge of not cooperating with the police in connection with the hate speech case against him. Political analyst & independent member of Andhra Pradesh legislative council K Nageshwar shared his perspective in an interaction with IBNLive readers.

Q. Sir, The Owaisi Family is practically ruling the Old City/Charminar region with none other than them winning in that region, Is there any chance of defeating them politically which can clip the wings and hence their atrocities? Asked by: Siddarth Gowrav

A. @Siddarth Ji, I think there are two ways to change the scenario Hyderabad surroundings or any other area. 1) by enacting re-delimitation process specified by article(81) of the Indian constitution ..we can alter seats of state assembly 2) making Hyderabad as Centralize will surpass the situation of religious conflicts in the state capital as reiterated in SriKrishna commission report. If this situation continue, there is every possibility that Hyderabad issue will also turn into like one more Kashmir valley, where major population want to join India, but either side of the religious and political leaders never want to happen that. Yesterday as we seen that MIM targeted minority populated areas only.

Q. If MIM thinks that it can polarize votes by this issue, don't you think other community to get polarized and vote in big way, then it will be loss to MIM? Asked by: Kaushik

A. Such a situation is a gain for MIM as other community will not in any way vote for them. The MIM precisely want the voters to be polarized on Hindu Muslim ground As I already said Both forms of communalism breed on each other.

Q. Why has Sakhi not carried an editorial on Owaisi hate speech? I don't think even Vijayamma even condemned his hate speech.. Is she the one behind all this? Asked by: vasuki

A. I don't think the YSR congress is behind this. But, it was luke warm in its response as it sees MIM as an potential ally. This vacillation is common in many parties. Parties should realise that all muslims do not approve Akbaruddin's utterances. Parties should come out of narrow political interests at least when it comes to the question of upholding the constitutional values.

Q. Sir, The uncalled for prejudice held against a community by few only gets strengthened with acts like these creating further divide, This may/may not be used as a political tool, Don't you think it is time atleast non partisan institutions as per the constitution(Eg. Election Commission) should reprimand this kind of behaviour if not their own party or the rival parties Asked by: Siddarth Gowrav

A. All institutions whether political or non political should reprimand such acts.

Q. How is this Owaisi episode likely to impact Telangana formation? Asked by: saket

A. It is possible, Saket, the Congress which what to further procrastinate the vexed issue may use it or it can use the communal flareup as an argument to deny telangana statehood if the congress finally decides on such a course. But, as such the MIM controversy cannot determine the congress stand. The congress may only use this as an argument to defend its stand.

Q. There appears to be some land issue between YSR and MIM as election alliance promise and that was never fulfilled due to death of YSR.. even after MIM requests, it appears that it was not completed. Is that the reason behind this separation of MIM and Congress and hate speehes to craete trouble? Asked by: Mohan

A. The media reports suggest this. But the end of friendship between congress and MIM is a result of a largest political game plan of MIM. The MIM understood that the congress is heading for a political apocalypse. The MIM wants to expand beyond the frontiers of Hyderabad. The victories in Karimnagar and Bahimsa in Adilabad earlier and Nanded recently created new hope in the MIM leadership . They would like to use Pr YSR and anti congress political sentiment in the state to realise their political strategy.

Q. Nageshwar garu...will this Akbar be in jail forever considering the fact that he has been booked under sections like waging war on nation? Asked by: rama rao, mumbai

A. The cases are quite serious but it is difficult to predict legal outcomes. Cases against politicians often do not see their logical conclusion.

Q. From a legal perspective, what are the chances of Akbar Owaisi being disbarred from contesting elections? Asked by: Hyder

A. I think the peoples representation act and other election related laws prohibit hat mongering and political mobilisation on the basis of extreme religious sentiments . This can be ground for legally disqualifying him . But, if this rule is applied many Shiv Sena and BJP leaders would have faced this action what is technically legal may not politically possible.

Q. During the Telangana Crisis when MIM was a Congress ally. It suddenly found teeth and was making arguments that the Culture of Hyderabad and the tradition of Urdu education per se will get a bad deal if there ever was a Telangana State,Does this argument hold? Asked by: Siddarth Gowrav

A. I don't think the formation of a Telangana state or united Andhra Pradesh is any thing to do with Hyderabad culture. There is certainly a need to preserve and promote the finest facets of deccani and Hyderabadi cultures. what ever may be the political future of the state India is a multicultural society where this diversity needs to be preserved and promoted.

Q. Don't you think the reaction was a little late from the authorities and in the wake of the medical report the arrest will have a polarized the majority and to an extent benefit Akbaruddin Owaisi and his type of politics ? Asked by: Moiz Akbar

A. True, the MIM will always try to politically polarise people. But, that can not be an excuse for escaping from the course of law. Akbaruddin's health condition is to be considered . But, that can not be used as an alibi to escape from law that too after blatantly violating it and showing utter disregard for constitutional values and showing no reproach even after such an outcry. The MIM is not only using religion of politics , but , even the health for political mileage. they wanted the arrest to be a public spectacle so that they can reap political dividend.

Q. Why is the delay in arresting Akbaruddin? He has no constitutional right to make any comment about any faith? What if there were some repercussions from that speech? Innocent people get punished all the time in India but people who have higher responsibility under the oath of protecting the secular peace of the country get away and play the same old rotten game of being sick? Asked by: MJ

A. Yes MJ, the delay is reprehensible.The police might have taken precautionery actions before arrest. Remember, the police or any other state agencies did not act suo moto. the MIM grew from strength to strength using the political patronage provided by the congress. The congress governments for that matter many governments always demonstrated politics of prevarication when it comes to ensuring the rule of law. but, police act against two innocent women for posting comments on Face Book. can this be the true face of law.

Q. What is the course of actions planned for Owaisi by law enforcing agencies? while no one denies the hate part of his speech but how you justify the arrest of Owaisi & not of Togaria? Or does the law will always favours the noise & numbers? Asked by: Zafar

A. Secular people like us always questioned communal and hate speeches of any politico religious leaders. I can not predict the what law will do. But I only want law to be uniformly applied to Akbar or Togadia. One form of communnalism can never justify the other. Law should never favour noise or numbers and more so street politics.

Q. This was a correct but delayed action. It is time that after over sixty years of independence the politicians of all parties stop using religion as a vote bank. Making inflammatory speeches creates tension and at times leads o violence. But the people affected by this are the daily wa wherein the likes of Owaisi or ge earners nd the people who become casualties are the innocent people. Can you highlight any case wherein people like Owaisi and Togadia have been scratched leave aside being injured? Asked by: Arun

A. I agree with you Arun, it is always the common people who are the victims of communal riots. The hate speech of leaders like Akbar or Togadia, or Thackerays may help in their political aggrandisement. But, the society will be held to ransom. The people should frustrate sinister designs of such leaders.

First Published: January 10, 2013, 6:38 PM IST
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