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Tweet Review: Luke Kenny's 'Rise of the Zombie'

Rohit Vats, | http://nawabjha

Updated: April 5, 2013, 1:24 PM IST
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Tweet Review: Luke Kenny's 'Rise of the Zombie'
The film revolves around a wildlife photographer whose personal as well as professional life is troubled.

New Delhi: Ramsay Brothers contributed a lot in establishing horror as a sough after genre in the Hindi film industry, and they experimented with different versions of ghosts in their film. Though zombies were also a part of their films in different forms but they never based an entire film on the zombies only.

Now, Luke Kenny and Devaki Singh have come up with a proper zombie film, which stars Luke Kenny, Kirti Kulhari, Ashwin Mushran and Benjamin Gilani in pivotal roles.

The film revolves around a wildlife photographer whose personal as well as professional life is troubled. People who are dear to him prefer to go away when he needed them the most. His chance encounter with some unthinkable creatures changes his life forever.

'Rise of the Zombie' is expected to trace the origin of zombies and if it does so successfully then it might emerge as an interesting film.

1:00 PM: Stat tuned for the tweet review of #Riseofthezombie. What are your expectations from the film?

1:05 PM: Directed by Devaki Singh and Luke Kenny #Riseofthezombie is said to be India's first proper zombie film.

1:08 PM: #Riseofthezombie stars Luke Kenny and Kirtu Kulhari in lead roles. It also features Benjamin Gilani in an important role.

1:12 PM: #Riseofthezombie is about a wildlife photographer who couldn't strike a balance between his personal and professional life.

1:22 PM: Ashwin Mushran is also in #Riseofthezombie. The film is expected to show the origin of the zombie phenomenon.

1:30 PM: #Riseofthezombie directly arrives at the point. The premise is unfolding slowly.

1:33 PM: Cinematography is going to play a big role in #Riseofthezombie. In fact it will decide the narrative in this film.

1:39 PM: Luke Kenny's appearance suits the requirement of the role. #Riseofthezombie shows a hidden world.

1:50 PM: Dialogue writing needed a bit more imagination but everything is acceptable till the drama is gripping. #Riseofthezombie

2:00 PM: 'Bedo pako baramasa'. Listening to this famous folk song after a long time. #Riseofthezombie uses the docu-drama style.

2:10 PM: #Riseofthezombie follows a linear structure. Songs are sometime hampering the flow.

2:17 PM: Now when the basic premise has been set, #Riseofthezombie needs to rise above the usual level of the Indian ghost movies.

2:20 PM: It would be the director's fault if #Riseofthezombie fails to hold the audience's interest from here on.

2: 26 PM: Such films always feel the threat of being monotonous. #Riseofthezombie is also encountering the same problem.

2:30 PM: The film is sticking to the theme but some questions are unanswered. #Riseofthezombie

2:34 PM: The mystery surrounding a forest is somewhat missing in #Riseofthezombie but a tight screenplay can save the film.

2:39 PM: The story does not provide all the missing links. Viewers would like to see logic behind the scenes. #Riseofthezombie

2:41 PM: One thing is for sure that the makers of #Riseofthezombie are in love with the idea. They have not hesitated in showing crude things.

2:43 PM: #Riseofthezombie becomes predictable and monotonous. Directors need to come up with innovative ideas.

2:46 PM: #Riseofthezombie finishes at an expected point where the possibility of a sequel arises.

2:49 PM: #Riseofthezombie is more on the lines of Hollwood's zombie films. Some sequences are stretched though.

2:52 PM: The story is not new but it has all the ingredients of a zombie film. Though excess of blood bath may disturb you at times. #Riseofthezombie

2: 55 PM: Acting wise Luke Kenny and Kirti are satisfactory, but will a single line idea be able to save #Riseofthezombie?

2:57 PM: #Riseofthezombie is not for weak hearts. Watch it if you are a true fan of zombie films.

3:00 PM: Thanks for being with us throughout the tweet review of #Riseofthezombie. Stay tuned for more on films.

First Published: April 5, 2013, 1:24 PM IST
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