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Tweet Review: Neil Nitin Mukesh and Sonal Chauhan's '3G'

Rohit Vats | http://nawabjha

Updated: March 15, 2013, 12:39 PM IST
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Tweet Review: Neil Nitin Mukesh and Sonal Chauhan's '3G'
'3G' is about a man Sam Arora who finds himself in trouble after purchasing a second-hand mobile phone in Fiji.

New Delhi: Neil Nitin Mukesh had a dream start in Bollywood with 'Johnny Gaddaar' (2007) but his career graph didn't touch the expected heights despite giving satisfactory performances.

The actor is once again ready to showcase his talent in '3G' where he is playing a complex character named Sam Arora. Directed by Sheershak Anand and Shantanu Ray Chhibber, the film also stars Sonal Chauhan and Mrinalini Sharma.

Sonal Chauhan's story is more or less similar to Neil. She also started her career with a hit film 'Jannat', but couldn't find a solid footing in the Hindi film industry.

The basic storyline of '3G' revolves around Sam Arora who buys a mobile phone with 3G facility in Fiji. His life turns upside down when he receives a call from a mysterious woman.

After the failure of 'Players' and 'David', Neil Nitin Mukesh would be hoping for a commercially successful film in '3G'.

Rohit Vats of IBNLive is inside the theatre to live tweet the experience of '3G'.

12:50 PM: Stay tuned for the tweet review of #3G.

12:55 PM: #3G has two directors, Sheershak Anand and Shantanu.

01:00 PM: Neil Nitin Mukesh is paired opposite Sonal Chauhan in #3G. Mrinalini Sharma is also doing an important role in the film.

01:05 PM: The film is expected to be a thriller. What are your expectations from #3G?

01:10 PM: The cinematographer has captured the beauty of Fiji in the opening sequence. These days Bollywood is shooting a lot in Fiji. #3G

01:15 PM: Neil Nitin Mukesh looks too suave to be given a rustic role. #3G also features him as an urban character.

01:20 PM: A lot will depend on #3G for Sonal Chauhan. Hope the directors have given her a meaty role.

01:25 PM: A lot of emphasis has been given on the shock value. This can turn out to be an interesting film if directed well. #3G

01:30 PM: The basic premise has been set but plots need to change at a good speed in such a film. #3G

01:35 PM: #3G has a good song in the form of Khalbali. Camera work is impressive.

01:40 PM: Sonal Chauhan's reactions should have been timed better in some of the scenes. #3G

01:45 PM: In most of the horror films in Bollywood, we see a prop connecting the events while Japanese films refrain from it. #3G

01:50 PM: Sometimes good characterisation takes the story forward. If the character has confusing traits then the flow gets hampered. #3G

01:55 PM: In this age, the audience would demand for the reasons behind taking shots. #3G needs to back up some of the scenes with logic.

02:00 PM: The film can tilt into any side from here on. It has the potential but it requires careful handling. #3G

02:05 PM: The glamour part has been taken care of. Film keeps moving to exotic and happening locations. #3G

02:10 PM: It's hard to explain why every now and then the directors are going for songs in #3G.

02:15 PM: A film loses its grip when the writers fail to come up with well thought out backstories. #3G

02:20 PM: One smart thing about this film's writing is that it is focussed only on the lead character so good acting can sail the film through. #3G

02:25 PM: The directors have shot some innovative scenes but the story is moving on a predictable line. #3G

02:30 PM: The sense of urgency and the fear of unknown are not touched with perfection. #3G

02:35 PM: Neil Nitin Mukesh is trying hard to keep the fluidity of #3G alive but he is not getting support from other actors.

02:40 PM: The Hindi film industry has always relied on the strategy of third person narration. #3G

02:45 PM: Background score has the potential of turning a horror film into a thriller. The makers of #3G have opted for a loud background score.

02:50 PM: Sonal Chauhan's interpretation of her character is not flawless. Her face doesn't convey many emotions but she looks gorgeous. #3G

02:52 PM: The tempo is going up. Will the final punch be substantial. Is it worth waiting? #3G

02:54 PM: Had the directors changed the sequence of events #3G could have been a better film.

02:56 PM: Going by the tradition of horror films in India #3G has an unconventional ending.

02:58 PM: #3G is an average film with some well shot sequences.

03:00 PM: Neil Nitin Mukesh holds the film together. Sonal doesn't do much but looks good. #3G has some over the top acting as well.

03:02 PM: Songs are melodious but hampers the flow. Screenplay needed some tight editing. #3G

03:04 PM: It's not at par with some of the better horror films made in the past. The makers had claimed so. #3G

03:06 PM: Watch it at your own risk. Also if you are a Neil Nitin Mukesh fan. #3G

03:10 PM: Thanks for being with us throughout the tweet review of #3G. Stay tuned for more.

First Published: March 15, 2013, 12:39 PM IST
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