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Tweets: Aamir's TV debut 'Satyamev Jayate'


Updated: May 6, 2012, 10:43 AM IST
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Tweets: Aamir's TV debut 'Satyamev Jayate'
One of the mega budget shows of Indian TV history is likely to attract audiences across the country.

New Delhi: Bollywood actor Aamir Khan's much awaited TV show 'Satyamev Jayate' has generated a great enthusiasm among the audiences. It has become the first show in the history of Indian television to be aired on private channels as well as on the national channel DD1.

The show has been closely guarded from the media and any information about the show hasn't been divulged. Aamir Khan didn't reveal anything about Satyamev Jayate even in his interviews.

One of the mega budget shows of Indian TV history is likely to attract audiences across the country.

IBNLive brings to you the live commentary of the show.

11:04 AM: Stay tuned for the live commentary of Aamir Khan's TV debut in 'Satyamev Jayate'.

11:05 AM: Aamir Khan's basic description of the show is more to generate the interest in the show rather than divulging any information.

11:06 AM: #satyamevjayate has a nice catchy tune. The opening song sets the mood.

11:08 AM: #Aamir Khan decides to feature the story of a mother from Ahmedabad. It seems to be an interactive show.

11:10 AM: Seven minutes into the show and the emotional quotient is already high. #Aamirkhan tries to connect to the audiences.

11:15 AM: #Aamirkhan is in a counselor's role but he certainly has the connect with the audiences.

11:17 AM: A new mother from Murena. The show has raised a relevant topic.

11:21 AM: #Aamirkhan understands the value of breathers in an emotion filled show. The mood has been set.

11:27 AM: #Aamirkhan has raised an important issue but it is beneficial for ratings too. Women form a major part of the TV audiences.

11:30 AM: Paradoxes and contradictions exist in our society. Some facts are really amazing.

11:34 AM: #Satyamevjayate has taken a good initiative but will it be a step towards women empowerment.

11:38 AM: Including researchers in the show will give #Satyamevjayate authentication.

11:40 AM: Are we all set to see a crusade against female foeticide on the other side of the break?

11:48 AM: It's definitely a big problem especially in the urban set up. #AamirKhan reveals flaws in the system.

11:50 AM: It's the society that has made ultrasound for sex identification a ritual. Nobody other than the silent spectators have made it possible.

11:53 AM: Will you arrest the common man if he speaks against the judiciary?

11:58 AM: How low can we go if a doctor that too a lady doctor is ready to kill a child for just Rs 2000?

12:02 PM: Are we not failing girls as a society? They say that a society gets what it deserves.

12:07 PM: Aamir Khan has a big heart and he dares to talk to the audiences in their language. This Rohtak example is really serious.

12:13 PM: Don't think that strange things happen with somebody else's daughter. A society gets affected by each member's fault.

12:23 PM: The time has come when we need to raise our voice. We will decide whether we are going to be a part of a big change or not.

12:25 PM: #Satyamevjayate is the first TV programme that has spoken something on the otherwise hidden SMS schemes.

12:28 PM: The first episode ends at a positive note with a soulful song.

12:30 PM: Good job @aamir_khan. #Satyamevjayate has conveyed the point.

12:32 PM: #Satyamevjayate should be praised for the issue it raised. @aamir_khan's TV debut was worth watching.

12:33 PM: Thanks for being with us throughout @aamir_khan's show #Satyamevjayate.

First Published: May 6, 2012, 10:43 AM IST
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