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Tweets: 'Indian Idol 6', Episode 2, auditions

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Updated: June 2, 2012, 8:38 PM IST
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Tweets: 'Indian Idol 6', Episode 2, auditions
Catch all the action here as we live tweeted the action from the Indian Idol auditions.

New Delhi: As evident from the promos, the sixth season of popular singing reality show "Indian Idol" will not only strike an emotional chord but also promises to shock the viewers by showcasing the amazing talent that breeds in the country.

While the show will see Anu Malik, Salim Merchant and Sunidhi Chauhan taking the judges' seats again, it will have a fourth judge in singing legend Asha Bhosle. He said they were looking for someone who has a unique voice quality.
Malik, Chauhan and Merchant have travelled across 21 cities auditioning people and picking up the right talent among thousands of aspirants.

While some were from small towns, some belonged to villages where there is no electricity. The judges said their focus remains on finding a soulful and contemporary voice rather than just good looks. Catch all the action here as we live tweeted the action from the Indian Idol auditions.

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Read the tweets: Indian Idol 6, auditions

Storified by IBNLive · Sat, Jun 02 2012 12:33:26

We will live tweet the episodes of Indian Idol. Stay tuned!IBNLive Movies
Deepak Maher sings ’Bheege Honth Tere’ at #IndianIdol auditions. He’s 22. The judges made him sing without his guitar!IBNLive Movies
The judges love Deepak! He’s going to Mumbai. #IndianIdol #LiveIBNLive Movies
Sonu Quadri is the next contestant, a scrap dealer. He’s married and has 3 kids. But he kept his passion of singing alive. #IndianIdolIBNLive Movies
Judges are unmoved by the qwwaali that Sonu sang. He is crushed. But these are #IndianIdol auditions. Hearts break.IBNLive Movies
The small towns are the highlight of the season 6 of #IndianIdol.IBNLive Movies
Krittika is facing the heat now. She’s singing a difficult raga based song. The judges love her! Sunidhi Chauhan hugs her. Her day is made.IBNLive Movies
The girls from Himachal make their state proud. #IndianIdolIBNLive Movies
The quirky auditions of #IndianIdol are the best part. Some of the contestants try to impress the judges with their off-key tunes. Suicide!IBNLive Movies
@omar1618 @ibnlive @ibnlivemovies hey, to know what happens behind the auditions of Indian Idol, go through the timeline of @drmalvika6SD
Why do the judges make it so tough for the contestants who have made it? That excrutiating moment: have I made it…am I in? #IndianIdolIBNLive Movies
Irfan Khan, 26, from Jaipur sings at the dargah. Started singing at 6. He’s the next contestant. Hope he does well. #IndianIdolIBNLive Movies
"Yaadein piya ki aayein.." a classical song is what Irfan chose. He’s playing the harmonium. #IndianIdolIBNLive Movies
Harshit Kumar sings ’toota toota ek parinda’. Anu Malik says ’kya toota?’ making self-stabbing motions! #IndianIdolIBNLive Movies
The worst of #IndianIdol: coming up…a collection of the worst singersIBNLive Movies
@IBNLiveMovies Epic Answer: Given on #IndianIdol auditions ROFL !!~Aakash shah
@IBNLiveMovies Am such a sucker for these kids’ ambitions. One thing I Dislike in I Idol. Eliminatiions(;_;) I hurt along with these kids :(Tiyasi
@vigmukesh hahahaha :)IBNLive Movies
@Ss0j Salim Merchant, Sunidhi Chauhan, Anu MalikIBNLive Movies
Indian Idol has kicked off to a vibrant start. Catch you next week. Tell us who your favourite contestants are. Good night.IBNLive Movies

First Published: June 2, 2012, 8:38 PM IST
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