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UP: Police does a U-turn, says woman rescued no NRI

First published: November 1, 2012, 2:04 PM IST | Updated: November 1, 2012
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UP: Police does a U-turn, says woman rescued no NRI
It is alleged that a woman who was said to be missing made the plan of putting her in the shoes of the ad after reading the ad.

Saharanpur: The exploits of Saharanpur police on Tuesday embarrassed the force when a woman planned her own abduction after seeing an advertisement of a television serial aired on a private channel and sent the police on a wild goose chase. The advertisement showed a NRI woman as missing. It is alleged that a woman who was alleged to be missing, saw the advertisement and made the plan. The woman is not Gauri Bhonsle, the name of the woman in the advertisement, as she claimed and neither is she from London, as assumed.

Saharanpur SSP DC Mishra said that the womanrescued in Saharanpur wasn't an NRI by the name of Gauri Bhonsle. Mishra said that the woman was from Malda in West Bengal. A day earlier, the police had claimed that a young NRI woman who was abducted from Delhi, had been "rescued" from a village in Saharanpur. On Thursday, the police did a U-turn and said that the woman was a resident of West Bengal who had eloped with a young man a month earlier.

Police added that Sameena Akhtar spun a story of her "ordeal" to match the plot of a forthcoming TV serial and even faked her identity, naming herself after a character in the serial whose promos were being aired by a private TV channel. The woman said she had left London on October 10 and traveled to Mumbai and Delhi.

Gauri revealed that she had to take a train to Malda from Old Delhi Railway Station on October 15. She then hired a cab to go to the railway station to board a train to Malda. While on the way, she felt hungry and asked the driver to arrange for food.

The woman alleged that the driver took her to a house and offered her food. She fell unconscious after eating the food. Later, when she regained consciousness she found herself in Dehradun. She alleged that she was sold for Rs 70,000 to some people in Saharanpur.

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