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Urban K'taka voters must make their votes count: Prathibha Prahlad

Updated: May 2, 2013, 4:44 PM IST
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Urban K'taka voters must make their votes count: Prathibha Prahlad
Cultural activist Prathibha Prahlad joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the Karnataka Assembly elections.

With both the Congress and the BJP grappling with massive corruption charges, at the Central and state-levels respectively, will local, civic, cultural, ethical issues play a bigger part in the Karnataka elections? How is the state's intelligentsia reacting? What's the local buzz in the cities and towns of Karnataka? Prathibha Prahlad, classical dancer and cultural activist, joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

Q. Is there any undercurrent for BJP in coming election? I have talked to few people and seems that because of recent issue with central govt. BJP will get benefited? Asked by: LOK

A. BJP has done much damage to the image of Karnataka in the last 5 years..corruption, scams and other issues are very much on peoples' minds. I doubt they will be benefited.

Q. I've observed..an underlying tone which is predominant in questions across various chats (including this one).. Is the anxiety of the questioners.. in favor of a BJP win.. What is your take..? Is there any ground support for BJP in Karnataka.. to avoid a rout-out..? Asked by: CSG

A. I think BJP will manage 70-80 seats -not more.I think people are anxious because they foresee a NDA Govt. In the Centre in the next elections. And Karnataka, by virtue of being ruled by the opposition either which way has always lost out on Central govt. funding.

Q. Will Karnataka have a single party rule or will it throw up a hung assembly which may harm its development? Asked by: sathyaki

A. I feel the Congress will be the single largest Party, but will need the support of another Party to form the Govt.- maybe even independents.

Q. Please give your seat predictions by party. Asked by: Karan Gowda

A. I am not a psephologist....but my reading is BJP - 70-80 Congress-100-105 KJP-15-20 JD(S)-40-50.

Q. Will the Congress do better than previous govt? Asked by: Ravishankar

A. I don't know what you mean. Do you mean by numbers of seats it will win or performance after forming govt?

Q. Can you predict the seat positions? Asked by: Elvij

A. I am not a psephologist... Congress- 105+ BJP-70 KJP-15-20 JD(s)-40+

Q. I feel BJP has recovered its ground to some extent during the last 1 month..It appeared to be a cakewalk for the congress but it now looks much closer..you take on this. Asked by: KS Prasad

A. Maybe a little...especially in the Lingayat belt. But in urban areas, BJP will definitely not be able to win.

Q. Why is elite anti-BJP? Does that has anything to do with ideology..? If corruption is the only issue.. then Congress is considered equally or more corrupt.. and looking at the way they Congress destroyed Andhra Pradesh.. after exit of CB Naidu govt.. No sane person will handover Karnataka to Congress..? Whats your reaction to both questions? Asked by: CSG

A. I do not think the elite is anti- BJP. Infact, I feel that the elite desperately wanted BJP to perform and deliver.I feel it is to do with infighting, bickering that the BJP indulged in over the last 5 years. There has been no development in Bangalore. Investors are moving out. Now, people want good governance and stability. I personally don't think the Congress is a great Party. But there seems to be little option now.

Q. Do you think that the scams at the centre that comes out every day have an effect on the elections / Asked by: AKS

A. I do want to believe that scams have an impact on elections. But in caste ridden Karnataka, I doubt it will be the main issue in the rural areas. But, in urban areas, the voting pattern will definitely be different.

Q. What are the chances of Congress in Udupi and DK district? Asked by: Vishwanath

A. Congress is the preferred Party in those areas.

Q. I feel BJP has recovered its ground to some extent during the last 1 month..It appeared to be a cakewalk for the congress but it now looks much closer..you take on this. Asked by: KS Prasad

A. I think I answered this question.

Q. Do you think that the corruption and scams in the BJP rule is negated by statement of senior Congress leaders like S M Krishna openly stating that the candidates selected by the Congress have corruption cases against them. Do you feel that the people would be careful in voting as if the congress comes to power there would be no change in the situation? Asked by: AKS

A. The Congress Party has not distributed it's tickets wisely...but , neither has the BJP. SM Krishna's statements will affect the urban electorate and maybe areas where he has influence. It certainly makes people observing elections in the rest of India peeved.

Q. I'm an amateur psephologist and don't think KJP will get more than 2 seats. Why do you see them winning so many? Asked by: Karan Gowda

A. 15-20 seats because Yeddyurappa still wields influence in the Lingayat belt. There is no other leader that has emerged from that area.

Q. Don't you feel that we need to educate people to vote and they musy not vote for parties but to individuals? Asked by: AKS

A. I feel that education of voters is very ,very important. They must vote on the basis of good, non-corrupt, efficient candidates who will perform and deliver rather than on the basis on caste, creed and sectarian politics.

Q. How Congress can win without projecting CM candidate? What is your opinion? Asked by: sam

A. Congress has never projected a CM candidate in the past too. The "Congress High Command" always chose the CM and dismissed him when they felt like doing so.( eg. Veerendra Patil) Who is the BJP's CM candidate?

Q. Has Narendra Modi changed the situation to some extent especially in Bangalore? Asked by: Ankit

A. Modi came to Bangalore city and addressed a rally.I do not think he can change anything for BJP in Karnataka. BJP has really damaged Karnataka the last 5 years.

Q. What is impact of Narendra Modi canvassing for BJP? Asked by: RAZIA

A. I do not think there is a huge swing in favor of BJP because of Modi.

Q. Any Narendra Modi impact in election? Asked by: sam

A. These are local elections. People are smart to know that Narendra Modi will not be CM of Karnataka. I do not think it will have much impact.

Q. People are blaming Congress for putting pressure on the news Channels to stop live streaming of his speech in Mangalore today.Will such tactics prove to be suicidal for Congress? Asked by: Ankit

A. Narendra Modi has popularity among those that pitch for development. He will not be in Karnataka Assembly. Everyone knows that. I do not believe that Congress has cause to worry.

Q. Prathibaji.. Considering that BJP is in learning curve.. and even in Gujarat when it came to power first time.. it had similar experience.. why dont you think they do not deserve second chance..? Congress ruled states are far worser than what you think Karnataka is now..!! Also, the Reddy brothers who damaged the reputation of Karnataka had their god-father in a late-Congress CM.. who helped them grow.. Asked by: Chandra

A. The Reddy brothers are popularly thought of as BJP Ministers. Almost 8 Ministers of the BJP Govt. were in jail and are out on bail.The Minister for Woman & Child Welfare was watching a porn video when the Assembly was in session in the Assembly. BJP has given him a ticket again. How low can we stoop? Karnataka's image has taken a beating nationally and internationally.

Q. Do you think out country is running due to god as congress is not running govt. Since last 60 years? How can we select for Karnataka? Asked by: RAZIA

A. I think the Country is running in a minimalist fashion because of bureaucracy...some Congress Ministers have done good work for the Country. But, UPA 2 is certainly nowhere there. For Karnataka, we need good, strong, committed candidates who have a passion to facilitate growth in the State.

Q. Would we see a strong Urban versus Rural divide this election? Asked by: Satish Kumar

A. Yes, I believe so. I want it to happen also because I want the urban voters to feel they have a say and that their vote too counts.

Q. Increased percentage of voting is what is needed not only in Karnataka but across the country, all people who love to criticise the government should come to vote, this seems to be the only way out. Asked by: S ESHWAR

A. I agree. The voters have to inform themselves about the background of their candidates and their history and vote for development and nothing else.

Q. Has Narendra Modi's campaign helped the BJP to an extent? What do you read from his increasing popularity in urban India? Asked by: Satish Kumar

A. Urban India believe that Modi has given a strong, development oriented growth model for Gujarat. This impression is validated by several articles internationally.Urban voters, who pay taxes and are well traveled want India to develop. They are ashamed of corruption,scams,law & order problems.They want a good, clean, sensible Government- not warlords who share the spoils after coming to Government.

Q. Can you name 'some' congress ministers who have done good for nation/ Karnataka? Are you saying BJP has not done any good for Karnataka.. then why did PMO has given Karnataka 2 awards recently? Asked by: CSG

A. SM Krishna was a good Chief Minister by all accounts.So also Devaraja Urs. Central Ministers are not in question now.The first year of BJP rule was good in Karnataka and all were hopeful that some good work would be done.It just failed. Good bureaucrats have got those awards for Karnataka..just imagine if this was supported by political leadership.

Q. BJP should deserve 2nd chance... Asked by: RAZIA

A. If you say so.

Q. How many seats BJP will win in Bangalore out of 28 seats? Asked by: LOK

A. Maybe 4 or 5?

First Published: May 2, 2013, 4:44 PM IST
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