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US Lawmaker Suggests Global Alliance of India, US, Russia, Japan

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Updated: November 28, 2016, 9:21 PM IST
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US Lawmaker Suggests Global Alliance of India, US, Russia, Japan
US lawmaker Dana Rohrabacher

Washington: The US, India, Russia and Japan should form an alliance to preserve the world peace and stability and secure freedom against radical Islam and China, a top American lawmaker has said.

In favour of the alliance, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher said India is particularly poised to grow into a world power if it adopts right policies.

Observing that his world view is similar to that of the president-elect, Rohrabacher said Japan, India, Russia, and

the US share common interests, common rivals, and by working together would fashion a more peaceful and prosperous world.

"New alliances, like a grand alliance with the United States with Russia, Japan and India could well do more to
preserve the peace and the stability of the world and secure our freedom especially against radical Islam and China than any of the old alliances could because the old alliances are not useful in meeting today's challenges compared to what they did 40 years ago," Rohrabacher said.

"India is particularly poised to grow into a world power," Rohrabacher told the Breitbart News.

"India has that kind of potential. With the right policies, India will have the same economic growth we have seen in China. Its people have incredible entrepreneurial and technological skills and talents," said Rohrabacher, who is Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Sub-Committee on Europe, Eurasia and Emerging Threats.

"Let's take a look at China," he said, adding that the only way to impress upon the Chinese leaders that their
intimidation of their neighbours must stop is to present them with an overwhelming force and power that they know they can never match, Rohrabacher said.

"The United States is no longer in a position to do that alone," he noted.

Rohrabacher said the Asia Pacific rebalance was an attempt to meet the challenge from China, but China is now more
emboldened because of President Barack Obama's pivot was so poorly executed.

"I'm trying to think of anything of substance in Obama's supposed pivot to AsiaI didn't see anything of substance at all and I am sure the Chinese did not," he said.

"Thus, if you have a President of the United States beating his chest and suggesting some major foreign policy
maneuver and then there's nothing, that's going to do nothing but encourage the Chinese," he said, adding that America should embrace its position as a Pacific power through partnerships with India, Japan, and Russia.

"India and Japan are major powers in the world right now and their potential is enormous. If we are working with
them and we have a workable coalition with them, that is something that would balance off the dynamics at play with an expanding China," he said.

"Japan has a very strong economy that is quite often overlooked, and it so often overlooked as a force in the world
because it is so peaceful," Rohrabacher said.

First Published: November 28, 2016, 9:21 PM IST
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