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WB govt considers Dunlop application


First published: November 24, 2008, 10:49 AM IST | Updated: November 24, 2008
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WB govt considers Dunlop application
Chairman of Dunlop asked for sales tax exemption from the Bengal govt.

Kolkata: The West Bengal Government is considering an application from Dunlop for working capital and a 115-crore rupees term loan.

These are two features of a wish list drawn up by the company to resume production at the Sahagunj plant in Hooghly district in West Bengal.

The application for the assistance is now with the West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation.

Claiming he had no intention of closing down tyre manufacturing firm Dunlop, chairman Pawan Kumar Ruia Sunday asked for sales tax exemption from the West Bengal government and an agreement with the workers for increasing productivity before resuming operations at the Sahaganj factory.

A week after suspending production at the factory in Hooghly district neighbouring Kolkata, Ruia said he was negotiating with the banks for a working capital loan of Rupees.700 million in the first phase.

On November 17, workers of Dunlop were told by authorities not to come for work. They were told that they would be paid 2000 rupees even if they absented from work.