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We are headed for a coalition front in Karnataka: Dr Mahendra S Kanthi

Updated: April 16, 2013, 6:18 PM IST
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We are headed for a coalition front in Karnataka: Dr Mahendra S Kanthi
Dr Mahendra S Kanthi joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the Karnataka Assembly elections 2013.

The Karnataka Assembly polls are an acid test not just for the incumbent BJP but also for the Congress which has bitter memories of losing the state elections when everything was going in their favour. Dr Mahendra S Kanthi, Professor, International Economics, SVSU Michigan, joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

Q. Who will win this Election? BJP or Congress? Who will be the CM if Congress wins? Asked by: Mathew

A. We are headed for a coalition front.

Q. Its widely believed that Congress will win but will they be able to sustain the momentum for 2014 Lok Sabha election? Will BJP a force in 2014 elections. Asked by: Sandeep

A. Momentum will not be kept. Because the issues are different and people will view differently.

Q. Will BJP get 100 seats in 2013 Karnataka elections? Asked by: krish

A. They are expecting 70 plus.

Q. Is there any slightest of hopes left for BJP to come back again in the state.. Asked by: Rohit

A. They are hoping so - but the chances are slim.

Q. What influence does Hindi Speaking Population has in pockets of B'lore ? In how many seats their votes can be decisive? Traditionally Hindi speaking population has voted for which party? Asked by: Aman Ujjwal Bangalore

A. Not much in Karnataka.

Q. Who is the CM face of Congress. Do you think congress should announce their CM candidate before election..or it will be decided by high command as usual after election? Asked by: ramadoh

A. I think the Congress high-command should announce who is the CM candidate. Why wait till the results are out. This high-handedness is not a sign of a democratic party.

Q. I think BJP will cross 75+ if they plan couple of rallies by Modi which is looking to urban municipal elections quite good. Your take? Asked by: anil

A. People remember bad things - Modi will of-course help - but not a complete u-turn.

Q. The north Karnataka Mining area which actually proved to be the land mine for the incumbent Government will still hold key to Ministry making due to it's wealthy connections(not so healthy now)? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. I am telling you the feelings of people in villages.

Q. Dear Sir, predictions and expectations aside, could we know more about your decision to join politics now and reasons behind considering JD (S) or Congress for joining. Asked by: Abhinandan

A. I have in the past wanted to enter active politics under the hope that I can be of some service to the people of northern Karnataka. but when I saw the kind of money that is flooded into political arena I withdrew. I am quite happy to be an academician and a researcher - besides my late father did not want me in politics.

Q. Its been Noticed both JD(S) and Congress is Playing Minority cards in some Constituency, if the minority votes r divided between JD(S) and Congress don't you think this will in turn benefit BJP to come out in large no of seats? Asked by: Kuber

A. Minority votes will get split no one can claim victory. In some constituencies there will be slim victory. candidates belonging to same caste will split votes and play spoiler game.

Q. My supplementary question is that I am specific about b'lore city area? Your views? Asked by: Aman Ujjwal Bangalore

A. Please understand urban voter turn out is far less than rural voter turn-out.in Bangalore the result may be in favour of Congress.

Q. How many candidate with criminal background are contesting from various parties in this election. Asked by: Raja

A. Their number is increasing. if you examine their record "carefully" most of them have indulged in some kind of ethical violations. it just a matter of degree. if one steals a dollar and the other steals a million dollar both at still thieves. The punishment is of degree. But the intent is the same.

Q. Is there any hope or slim chances of Yedi coming back to BJP and that both BJP+KJP combine will able to form next govt? Asked by: anil

A. It depends on national politics. If modi becomes the prime minister there is a chance he may be back in a new BJP.

Q. How much Hindutva factor has role to play in the Karnataka assembly polls. Asked by: Raku

A. To some extent yes. an average voter in Karnataka looks to water supply, good schools, supply of electricity, job opportunities,other hand-out from government. hindutva is not going to be major issue.

Q. For Coalition in Karnataka what do u consider Cong+KJP, BJP+JDS, JDS+KJP+BSR? Asked by: Sameer

A. For power they will gang up. Nothing is ruled out. Don't be surprised hard-core enemies will join hands.

Q. Most of the BJP MLA's have joined Congress and JDS, so obviously they will have the same nature of corruption, are people of Karnataka so dumb that they win the Congress. Asked by: Dharma

A. Yes your are right. God bless them and the political parties these defectors join. there should be stringent parliamentary statues against this practice.

Q. For many years Karnataka has been on wrong side of the central govt now, knowing very well congress is not going to be in delhi after next elections, will people still go and vote for congress? Asked by: Venkat Gandhi

A. As I said earlier it will be a coalition.

Q. If BJP gets more than 40 seats it will be a great performance for them.whats your take sir.. Asked by: Rajiv

A. Yes.

Q. If Modi campaigns in Karnataka then is he going to revive the fortunes of BJP to any extent.. Asked by: Rajesh

A. To some extent.

Q. In politics in the type of democracy being practiced there is not much of a choice between parties. Occasional leaders with impressive skills and / or performances dominate. There being no such candidate in fray is this election going to be a dull affair? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. In reality it is not so - people love to see these people coming to them with folded hands and giving out goodies. outcome will be narrow victory. these fellows attend all kinds of events like: funerals, house-warming ceremonies, weddings, illness of voters et cetera-all this done just to get votes -otherwise they don't care a dam.

Q. What according to you cost the BJP the only south India state it had..was it BSY..corruption, in-fight? Asked by: rama

A. Part of it is true. you see it was more the way BJP high-command treated BSY. they did not stand up and support him. they used him. People are unhappy about this.

Q. Can Rakshitha become minister? Asked by: kiran

A. No - a firm no - dream impossible dream for her.

Q. Do you think if BJP would have kicked out BSY in beginning then it would have been in better position today.. Asked by: Rakeneshsil

A. Damage would have been less.

Q. Many political analysts are predicting Congress to be a clear winner. But the ground reality may prove otherwise. In all probability there will be a hung assembly and the state will continue to suffer at the hands of greedy parties to come to power. Have you assessed the mood of the people and if so what is it? Asked by: Gururaj

A. This fine - but ground realities do not indicate condress as clear winner.

Q. Bangalore is known to Americans. How will the state elections impact the relations of Bangalore with America? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Very little - American investment is very "mobile".

Q. What is the prospect of JD(S)..wil it get more than 30 seats. Asked by: Ranbhira

A. Very Good.

Q. Will the infighting in the Congress members for the tickets will have any affect in the voters mind. Asked by: Rakeswar

A. Yes indeed. Already they are becoming rebel candidates and filing nominations.

Q. There is a perception that congress will win...Will they be able to obtain simple majority? That is get higher than 113 seats? Who will most likely be CM? Asked by: Keshava Prasad

A. CM's position is choice between Kumarswamy, Paremeshwar, Shettar, Kharge and Siddaramaiah.

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