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We have demonstrated our commitment to justice: Sheshadri Chari on Afzal Guru hanging

Updated: February 9, 2013, 4:50 PM IST
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We have demonstrated our commitment to justice: Sheshadri Chari on Afzal Guru hanging
Is the Afzal Guru hanging a mark of UPA's desperation?

Is the Afzal Guru hanging a mark of UPA's desperation? BJP's National Executive member Sheshadri Chari joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

Q. I appreciate you for being sensible participants among the panelist. I look forward for same firmness and determinations. However, hanging Afzal guru means that the state has become tough on terror? Or it's just a gimmick to immune themselves from Modi phobia and NaMo raising the issue in 2014. Or this is a counter strategy for Saffron terror remarks? Asked by: GauthamAzad

A. I think a section of the government is tough on terror related matters. Besides, the pressure from BJP, Civil society and the media was on the government. In all this will pave way for further resolve to fight terror.

Q. Why can't Indian Parliament pass a law which will makes it mandatory to dispose the petitions of death row convicts within 1 year of sentencing and carry out the sentence in that much time? You are a parliamentarian why can't you initiate such a law? Asked by: Hiren

A. Good idea, but needs some more thinking before such a law is enacted. By the way, I am not in Parliament.

Q. Is the Afzal Guru hanging a mark of UPA's desperation? Asked by: DK

A. Does not appear to be desperation. But some kind of pressure can not be ruled out.

Q. Was Afzal Guru hanged by the UPA keeping in mind the 2014 general elections? Asked by: Sunil

A. I don't think this will give any political benefit to the UPA, that too in 2014. If the elections are held now, may be some section of voters will consider this action as being tough on terror.

Q. Do you think that this decision can be associated and looked in the context of rise of Narendra Modi in BJP due to his tough and strong image? Also your take on early elections? Asked by: purushottam

A. If I am not mistaken Modi has tweeted about this. I don't think this will dent Modi's image as a performer and successful administrator. The Government can not answer for its delay in carrying out this hanging so late. As of now the UPA would prefer to wait till good monsoon and a big drop in inflation before announcing elections.

Q. The message has gone to the perpetrators of terror and the matter should be closed why waist time in unnecessary unproductive debate. Asked by: RSV

A. I agree. But there is still need to discuss integrated security parameters and put in place a National Security Policy. The party should initiate such a debate.

Q. Do you think this decision is somewhere effected by Shinde's Hindu terror remark atleast in terms of quick processing? Asked by: purushottam

A. The HM had hinted at this even earlier. The cabinet's decision came after President's rejection of mercy petition. Mr.Shinde's Hindu terror remark will hurt the Congress and many Congressmen agree with this view in personal conversations.

Q. Good that you are not in Parliament, but as I know you are in a position to take up the issue with relevant people. Just think of it the amount of money we taxpayers had pay for all this. The same money if spent on a village road it will create so many jobs. Whats your opinion? Asked by: Hiren

A. True, but these are not unrelated. Providing good roads and jobs to rural and border area youth is one way of keeping them away from idle mind, which becomes devil's workshop. This is what the NDA did by building roads through PMGS Yojana.

Q. Definitely, Afzal Guru's and Kasab's hangings are political games by the current central govt. But don't you think that death penalty should be abolished? In USA, in states where capital punishment is law, crime rate is more than in states where it is not? In most of the European countries, capital punishment is not there. Also, at the time of crime, the culprit doesn't think of the punishment he would be given but he/she thinks that he/she will escape the law. Your views. Asked by: Gaurav

A. There has been serious debates on capital punishment. It is awarded only in the rarest of rare cases. But if such cases recur more frequently what can the law do about it? It is not advisable to completely do away with capital punishment yet judicial restraint is necessary. We can not ape the West or EU countries.

Q. Dear Chari ji forget what you did 9 years back, unfortunately we have a government which believes in giving doles and driving people to penury. These issues are linked if we have a law then we have to follow and then we save money. The money not spent on road will atleast go a long way in improving the Policing. What's your opinion? Asked by: Hiren

A. We need to increase spending on security, no doubt. But we can not neglect basic amenities either. My point is is not spending on roads is not an excuse to do nothing on security. Planning and execution of plans should be co-related.

Q. Does execution of terrorists can become an election issue, is it a basic duty of the state? Asked by: Madhusudan

A. Ideally, it should not become an election issue. But in a society like ours, there is need for more political awareness. Most of the time, ordinary and routine duties of government agencies are touted as 'facours' during election.

Q. Sorry, I meant that that it is the basic duty of the state to execute the conviction without making this an issue? Asked by: Madhusudan

A. I agree. We have demonstrated our rule of law and commitment to justice. Such issues are bound to fill the television debates for some time. We should make best use of the debates and try to convey our ideas to the people on security and strategic issues.

Q. Don't you think the timing of the decision is somewhat to decimate the Hindu terror remark? Asked by: Sarin

A. Could be, but I don't see any advantage to the HM on this issue. He has to take back his earlier remarks.

Q. Dear Chari ji, will BJP also demand hanging of Rajiv Gandhi killers and CM Beant Singh killer? Asked by: Dhiraj

A. The Apex court has to decide on these issues. Besides, the cabinet has also to take the call. These are serious offences and ought to be dealt in appropriate manner.

First Published: February 9, 2013, 4:50 PM IST
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