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We need a social revolution to eradicate rape: Dr Kiran Bedi

Updated: April 22, 2013, 7:13 PM IST
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We need a social revolution to eradicate rape: Dr Kiran Bedi
Can electoral and police reforms bring about change in state of women's safety in India?

Can electoral and police reforms bring about change in state of women's safety in India? Dr Kiran Bedi, former IPS officer and now a prominent social activist, shared her perspective in an interaction with IBNLive readers.

Q. Just a few days ago when a conference on police reforms and public order was called by Union Home Minister, only 7 Chief Ministers chose to attend with the big names of Narendra Modi, Jayalalitha, Mamata Banerjee, Omar Abdullah, Prithviraj Chavan, and Sheila Dikshit giving it a miss. How genuine is the interest and concern of politicians in bringing out electoral or police reforms? Asked by: Sudeep

A. Obviously poor and indifferent.

Q. I hope electoral and police reforms that everybody is talking about includes actual grass root level implementation. Else, it would be like our planning commission guidelines where every eventuality is covered but the implementation is mostly lacking. Asked by: Karthik

A. Even if we do what is in the pipe line it will go a long way to drive the change.

Q. Ma'am, apart from speaking about Govt, judiciary and police, shouldn't we also look at the factors contributing to such crimes? The major one being Indian film industry, don't you think that something needs to be done in the film industry to inculcate some moral values in society and to stop the portrayal of women as a commodity? Asked by: mincymohan89

A. Yes many item songs are demeaning. The film industry needs to introspect.

Q. Should India not look at bi-party system and throw keep the regional parties only at regional level.. Asked by: Kshitij

A. Won't be possible anymore in a multiparty system as Indian democracy is.

Q. Please share your views regarding very stringent disciplinary action against the cops under negligence of duty and corporal punishment against rapists? Asked by: Vishal

A. Compulsory retirement.

Q. We only blame the Police but do we consider how stressed the police r and they work in conditions where they do not have any relief in celebrating festivals. what we need to do is to have the politicians and the people who matter take the blame. Do you not think that we blame the policemen and policewomen? Why don't we look at the depraved leaders who r running the country and the example they set in their behaviour and the criminal background they come from? Asked by: AKS

A. Yes politicians have to be social reformers and not only vote seeking Representatives. they need to take responsibility for what happens in their own back yards.

Q. Can electoral and police reforms bring about change in state of women's safety in India? Asked by: Sneha

A. Electoral reforms will pave the way for better persons in politics and government which in turn is better safety and law and order. policing is not separate from good governance.

Q. Kiranji, Namaste. Though from a distance, we admire you. We keep track of your actions and utterings. As far as the reform of the police force is concerned, here I think no one knows where to start from. It has become a vicious cycle. Corruption, lawlessness , Intolerance and lack of awareness - all are into their depths. According to you how this could be dealt with? Asked by: Hari

A. Begin with collaborative policing at the ground level where social and political leadership participates at the level in crime prevention.

Q. Mam we as common people, what should be our contribution to bring down such crimes? Asked by: mincymohan89

A. Door to door campaigns on eradication of crimes against women. Like the rotarians+ government did in polio eradication.

Q. Electoral and police reforms bring about not only safeguard women it will bring about better administration and accountability since person will be directly held responsible without any outside influence.this is the need of the day. we should not loose the momentum this time. Your opinion. Asked by: vasanthi

A. Absolutely. but are still no where. The key is in judicial activism.

Q. Do you feel in any entertainment media contributes to crime in society specially sexual crime? Asked by: Yaseen Anwer

A. Yes item songs and demeaning of women in songs and cinema.

Q. Can poetry bring change in our society? Asked by: Yaseen Anwer

A. Yes for those who have the ear and heart for sensitivity.

Q. Police reforms should indeed bring about change in safety of women. We should have all women police station in all the districts in the country. Hiring should be done from the campus rather than making people run in hot sun and ask questions on history. Is it difficult to find 6250 women to man all women police stations in 625 dt in country. Asked by: S ESHWAR

A. We need to work together. Society needs both. We need to provide a team approach and not a segregated approach.

Q. Will it really change with regulations. What we need to have a change in the mindset and also our politicians need to set an example as people notice that the politicians in power have taken the route of lawlessness as well an disrespect for woman that has given them benefits in politics. Don't you feel the misguided people feel that this is the way forward? Don't you think we need the politicians and the people in power lead by example? Asked by: AKS

A. Absolutely, corrupt and depraved politicians are polluting the system.

Q. Madam, Is it possible in a country like us to impose a public punishment for crimes like rape. As I believe this is the only method by which a sick society like ours can get fear. If we go by normal methods + Human rights ..then please forget it. Asked by: Parvesh

A. Yes the law already exists. but who does the awareness/understanding/fear/or inculcate respect?

Q. SC has already passed a police reform order in somewhere 2006. If that has not been implemented yet, why SC does not take suo moto action against it? OR we need 1 more PIL for that? Asked by: sagar shinde

A. I too fail to understand. They have the key to come down heavily.

Q. Madam, in Singapore if one found in possession of drug-person is hanged-and trial & execution happens in a month-why can not we have such a system for recent case or nirbhaya case-where guilt of accused is clear/written on the wall. Asked by: avinash

A. There is a vested interest here in delayed trials.

Q. Corruption has been deeply routed in Police dept. all over India. Of course some good People are there too. But we need a very strong, full proof program to cleanse this police system. What could be the ways/things in cleaning the corrupt police dept? Asked by: sagar

A. Meritorious leadership. with a security of tenure. but this will not suit the powers that be who use and abuse the system.

Q. Madam, first of all, accept regards for inspiring people like me, you are one of my heroes...with respect to crime and atrocities against women, would like to articulate...the research on the subject brings forth horrible state-of-affairs....as per 2011 data, every hour 3 women/ girls are bing raped, every hour one women succumb to the menace of dowry...what is shocking is, women who die of dowry are murdered by kin, including husband, mother-in-law...about 90% of women/ girls who are being raped are raped by offenders acquainted to victim...why we unnecessary drag police and judiciary under scanner...social fabric needs overhaul...patriarchal convention needs change...Madam, your take... See these videos with my research... .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoRDRQNYtfw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWDnpJlrlME regards. Rajiv Azad Asked by: Rajiv Azad

A. Absolutely. Over 90 percent of rape crime happens indoors by known persons, including fathers, uncles, close friends and neighbors. We need a social revolution to eradicate this beastly crime. Like SATI for this all have to work collaboratively and not competitively.

Q. Why is Nirbhaya's case not solved faster when all the evidences are clear. Asked by: Concerned brother

A. Our legal system provided a very detailed due process and well kept by strong vested interests.

Q. Prohibition is one of the guiding principals in the constitution. Why is it neglected by the successive govts. Drinking leads to marital and other crimes against women. Asked by: Puneet Goel

A. Yes alcohol consumption has serious social consequences.

Q. Doesn't this system make you frustrated at times? What do you do to keep your spirit/attitude positive? When i hear such news like recent rape cases , I sometimes get very deeply pained. Asked by: sagar S

A. Yes it is very frustrating. but one has to keep coming back to action.

Q. Time has come when people like you have to come in the system which is in dire straits.At present what i feel is that people like you should join BJP and help it come to power under the leadership of Nerndra Modi. Asked by: Ankit

A. Some are not made for electoral/political life but public life.

Q. Why is the police still doing the traffic and escort work, when it should actually be doing the investigations and also bridging with the people and also setting up network to get more information on ground realities? Asked by: Emat

A. both are equally essential

Q. 90-95 percent crimes against women are committed by drunk men. So should not the govt reduce the number of liquor vends and move them outside civil and residential areas? Asked by: Puneet Goel

A. Yes the minimum the better and away from certain areas. This is the law too.

Q. Madam you yourself have been part of this society, do you think creating laws can make us mentally healthy, when none of politicians, police, bureaucrats etc. Are interested to improve but just to make the money. Asked by: Parvesh

A. Law is essential. But it demands awareness, education, enforcement, and prosecution and reform.

Q. Once one is into Service (be it police/administrative), in which circumstances the person is thrown out of the service? I am asking this because, we hear lots of immediate actions for Police & Admin misdoings as in terms of either suspension, transfer. Where is the accountability and also why the people in service instead of doing it, make the citizens of the country to beg them for doing it? Asked by: RamaSarma

A. Government service in India is the most secure service once in you cannot lose it unless you commit grave crime.

Q. What does ACP Ahlawat reflects about Delhi Police or Indian Police mindset? Asked by: Sam

A. Aberration.

First Published: April 22, 2013, 7:13 PM IST
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