Savour This Bundle of Puppyness to Calm Your Frayed Nerves

Akshata Kumbar

First published: April 20, 2017, 7:24 PM IST | Updated: April 20, 2017
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Dogs are more than just a man’s best friend. They are your companion, a source of joy, partner-in-crime, and now the four-legged love bugs are here to de-stress you. Yes, you read that right!

‘Fur Ball Story’ - a Gurugram-based startup is bringing dogs to your doorstep just so that you can find a moment of peace and joy to make you forget your troubles.

This concept is new in India. Animesh Katiyar, along with his friends, stumbled upon the idea during his college days when the college authorities decided to attract students to attend classes by bringing dogs in the campus. And the idea worked like a charm.

Aided by his friends, Animesh thought to give a shot to this incredible idea and the ‘Fur Ball Story’ was introduced to our lives.

These friends adopted a dog Angel (a Golden Retriever) and bought two dogs, ie, Cocoa (a Shih Tzu) and Muffin (a Labrador) - who are trained as therapy dogs and can meet 40-50 people in a day without snapping. People can play with them, cuddle them or simply chill.

The start-up has been holding pet-therapy sessions in several places. It is relatively a new concept in India, though common in western countries.

Srishti Sharma, one of the co-founders, while speaking to News18 said, “Fur Ball Story was initiated with the aim of reducing stress in the lives of the people. We have been giving our sessions in work places, schools, colleges and even in orphanages and elder age homes.”

For residential sessions, the venture charges Rs 2,000 for three hours and for corporate sessions, 5,000 for 5 hours.

A research suggests that playing with a dog brings down blood pressure, reduces stress hormones and raises feel-good chemicals in the brain.

The furry army - Angel, Muffin and Cocoa - are still pups and the founders of the Fur Ball Story are in no mood to put them for adoption.

Arushi Dixit, one of the co-founders, said, “These dogs are going to be here for their whole span, we are not going to put them for adoption or sale. They are Fur Ball Story’s furry army and they are going to be that.”

The founders are also hoping to open a branch in Mumbai.

So, next time the ordeals of Delhi seem too much to bear, give them a call and have a bundle of puppyness delivered right at your doorstep and feel your troubles melt away.​

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