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Celebrity Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar Lists Tips To Prevent Summer Headaches, Acidity

Updated: April 20, 2017, 11:19 AM IST
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Celebrity Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar Lists Tips To Prevent Summer Headaches, Acidity
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With mercury levels rising to new highs with each passing day, various cases of heat stroke and other problems have been reported across the country. And the only way to beat the blazing summer months is to eat right and stay hydrated. In fact, soaring temperatures can be a cause of major headaches and can also cause acidity. And one way to prevent the two is to be mindful of what you eat and drink.

Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar who is quite active on Instagram and puts out various health related information, listed a few tips on her Instagram account to help you beat the heat and stay fit. In fact, if you follow Diwekar's account, she lists all the healthy food items you could consume for a fitter and better you.

Here are few basic steps that Diwekar has listed to ensure that you remain fit and healthy during summer months and prevent yourself from severe headaches and acidity.

Top 5 tips to prevent summer headaches and acidity:

- Drink water out of a Matka and drink enough to ensure that urine is crystal clear/colourless: Helps lower the body's core temperature.

- Glass of kokum sherbet with soaked sabja seeds at 11am/ pre lunch: Restores electrolyte balance.

- Dahi rice for lunch or as a 4-6 pm snack: Regulates blood sugar levels. Good pre and probiotic meal.

- Gulkand milk at bedtime: Ensures restful sleep and is a natural coolant.

- Mango everyday either with lunch or as a mid afternoon snack: Yes, for diabetics too: Rich in Vitamin B, calms the nerves and provides long lasting energy.

Earlier, for World Health Day, Diwekar listed a few food facts on her Instagram account.

Top 3 food facts for World Health Day

- Ghee: addition of ghee is recommended for people who are obese, diabetic and struggling with fertility issues as it improves assimilation of nutrients from food, lowers blood sugar and triglyceride levels. Add atleast 3 tsp a day, one each (or more) with every main meal, aids Vit D assimilation too.

- Fibre: too much of it is a bad thing as the phytates (a naturally existing compound, also called as an anti-nutrient) comes in the way of mineral absorption, can make you dehydrated, constipated and leave you fatigued in the long run. Avoid high fibre packaged cereals and oats and instead eat the local breakfast of poha/paratha/idli/ sattu/ dalia not just for its great taste but optimum nutrient ratio.

- Green leafy vegetables: are not in season during the summers. Eating them raw also means that the anti nutrients will come in the way of nutrients from the meal. Instead eat pulses right now - moong, matki, navrangi, vaal, kulith, chavli, tur etc to ensure that fibre, iron and magnesium are received by the body in optimum amounts. Beats constipation, keeps the body energised and improves immunity and iron assimilation.

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