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8 Kannada Movies to Be Released Tomorrow

Updated: September 1, 2016, 6:13 PM IST
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8 Kannada Movies to Be Released Tomorrow
A still from Neer Dose.

Bangalore: A record eight Kannada movies will be hitting the screens this Friday. Usually, four to five Kannada movies hit the screen every week. However, last Friday, the number went up to seven movies and created a record. This record will be broken in just one week. According to Kannada film industry, eight movies releasing simultaneously on a single day is an all time record.

Neer Dose, Kempannana Court Case, Jil Jil, Avadhi, Selfie, Bablusha, Prema Geema Jaane Do and Sikka Patte Ishta will be released in hundred of theatres across Karnataka on the same day. Out of eight films only Neer Dose starring Jaggesh is being promoted aggressively and may be able to make some money. The producers took almost five years to complete the shooting. The rest of the filmmakers are struggling to promote their movies. There has been little publicity and the cast is also new. Some are releasing them only in Multiplexes in the bigger cities. All seven movies released last week have been super flops in box office and not many are expecting these eight movies to change that downward trend.

Last year, 146 Kannada movies were released. This year, 118 movies including a few Tulu movies have been released by August. According to cinema experts, Sandalwood is expected to produce 170-180 movies by year end. Only a dozen or sometimes two dozen make money or at least recover the cost. Remaining movies sink without trace. More movies is not certainly merrier for Kannada cinema.

First Published: September 1, 2016, 6:13 PM IST
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