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Bigg Boss 10, Day 37: Sunny Leone Enters the House, Bani, Gaurav Get Inside a Bathtub

Sunny Leone finally enters the Bigg Boss house.

Updated:November 23, 2016, 1:38 PM IST
Bigg Boss 10, Day 37: Sunny Leone Enters the House, Bani, Gaurav Get Inside a Bathtub
Sunny Leone finally enters the Bigg Boss house.

The Viral Video Fever has gripped the Bigg Boss contestants, and Day 2 dawns with them dancing to the tunes of Baby Doll gearing them up for the next leg of the nominations task. Over a cup of tea, Manu tells Swami, Manveer, Mona and Nitibha that only commoners are supportive of each other. And, Mona tells them that even she is a part of the commoner gang albeit her celebrity status.

As the task continues, Bigg Boss gives the contestants their next set up - that of a kitchen. For the task, Lopamudra asks Bani if she could borrow her Saree, but Bani refuses to give it. Gaurav tries to convince Bani but she is adamant. Lopa’s team goes first and they present an act based on a Gharwali-Baharwali concept adding a funny twist. Bani’s team puts up an entertaining act where Rahul dresses up as Om Swami. On noticing that Swami gave Rahul his clothes and accessories, Lopa gets annoyed and throws him out of their team. An upset Swami complains about this to Gaurav and Rahul.



Making the game more interesting, Bigg Boss gives the contestants a bathroom set up lit up with candles and a bath tub. When Lopa’s team starts rehearsing their act - a sting operation, Mona gets insecure of Lopa's bossiness and interrupts her when she speaks. Further, Mona refuses to be a part of the task, but Manu tells her that she shouldn’t let such things affect her. Bani’s team, on the other hand, presents an act where Rahul is a film director and Bani and Gaurav are the actors.



Soon, it's time for the final set-up where the contestants need to create a video with cut outs of the opposite team. A coin toss determines that Lopa's team will go second. While Bani’s team puts up a dramatic act, Lopa’s team crosses the line as they point out the worst qualities in the contestants.

In the evening, after a hide and seek game, Sunny Leone finally enters the Bigg Boss house and announces the winning team. Sunny also gives the contestants a fun task wherein they collectively recreate a scene from Sholay. Accompanying Sunny in this task are contestants- Manu as Veeru, Manveer as Jai, Swami as Gabbar and Gaurav as Thakur. After a fun filled session with the contestants, Sunny departs. As soon as the door closes, the female contestants give Swami a piece of their mind for his behaviour in Sunny's presence.


Having completed their task successfully, it remains to be seen that which team will find themselves praying for audience votes this week?

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