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Bigg Boss 10, Day 38: Will the Secret Task Cost Lopa Rohan's Friendship

Bigg Boss has assigned a secret task to Lopamudra and Manu.

Updated:November 24, 2016, 3:46 PM IST
Bigg Boss 10, Day 38: Will the Secret Task Cost Lopa Rohan's Friendship
Bigg Boss has assigned a secret task to Lopamudra and Manu.

The nominations have been declared and now with crackling nervousness in the air, the contestants wake up to Sona Kitna Sona Hai. As the morning progresses Manu tries to reason with Om Swami about his support towards Rohan, and tells him that his benefit lies in supporting Manu. Even before the luxury budget task is introduced, Bigg Boss assigns a secret task to Lopamudra and Manu, giving them a chance to compete for captaincy.


Soon enough, Bigg Boss introduces the BB Gold Mine luxury budget task wherein Rohan is a businessman and the rest of the housemates are his ghulams. These ghulams have been given the task to find gold for Rohan from the Gold Mine in the garden. On finding the gold, the ghulams have to collect it in a test tube and give it to Rohan in his office, who will in turn weigh it and put it in his safe. Before the task begins, Bani warns Rohan to be careful because she has overheard Manu and Manveer making plans to sabotage the task.


While the contestants strive hard to find gold for Rohan, Lopamudra and Manu strategize for the robbery. But Lopa is also trying to be careful that the robbery does not affect her friendship with Rohan. She also highlights that Rohan is already suspecting something fishy and has asked Lopa not to back stab him. Manu manages to calm her down. But nothing goes as per plan. Rohan doubts Lopa’s actions and doesn’t allow her to dig for gold. Upset by Rohan’s behaviour, Lopa gets into an argument with him. On the other hand, Nitibha tells Rohan that Lopa and Rahul might have been assigned a secret task because Bigg Boss had called them to the confession room in the morning. Rohan confronts Lopa, but she changes the topic by pointing out some of Rahul’s actions.


Om Swami enjoys digging for gold so much that he refuses to leave the mine. Rohan warns him that if he doesn’t come out, he will be punished. Om Swami also irks Nitibha because of his behaviour. In fact, when she sees Rohan’s indifference, she even gets into an argument with him.


Evening sees the adjournment of the task for the day. But, the secret task remains and Lopa and Manu’s work is just about to start. Will they succeed?

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