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Bigg Boss 10, Day 43: Will Priyanka Cause a Rift Between Manu and Mona?

Updated: November 29, 2016, 2:01 PM IST
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Bigg Boss 10, Day 43: Will Priyanka Cause a Rift Between Manu and Mona?
Om Swami gets a makeover courtesy Lopa and Priyanka tries to cause a rift between Mona and Manu.

As the competition gets fiery with 4 wildcard contestants, the wake-up song Mukkala Mukabla further resonates this sentiment. Starting the day with politics, Om Swami pollutes Priyanka and Sahil’s minds saying that the contestants are plotting to get rid of them. While, complimenting Manu on the way he is playing the game, Priyanka advices him to maintain a distance from Mona for his own good. But Manu pays no heed. A visibly insecure Priyanka then discusses the changes in house dynamics with Sahil. Further, taking Salman Khan’s advice seriously, Om Swami gets a funky makeover at Lopamudra’s hands.


Adding a twist to the nominations process, Bigg Boss asks each of the challengers to name one of the nominated contestants who they would like to challenge. Knowing their biggest competitors, Jason chooses Gaurav, Elena selects Nitibha, Sahil targets Rahul and Priyanka picks Bani. Since no one picks his name, Manveer is declared safe. As a part of their challenge, a task named ‘Dome’, all the 8 contestants are required to sit inside a dome in their respective challenger pairs, with the first person to leave the dome being nominated for the week’s evictions. Before the task even begins, Om Swami cheers Priyanka by saying, “Baap ki izzat ka khayal rakhna aur jeet ke aana”. Soon, all 8 contestants take their places inside the 4 domes.


During the task, Manu and Manveer plot to become Sahil and Jason’s allies. On the other hand, Bani and Priyanka bond over Mona’s game plan and strategy. Nitibha, Rohan and Manu attempt to draw Elena out of the dome, but a strong-minded Elena doesn’t let it affect her. When Manu comes to give Priyanka some food, she announces loudly that he is hers, but Manu chooses to not react. But, he does clarify the situation to Mona highlighting Priyanka’s insecurity. Mona further confronts Manveer about his changed behaviour and is taken aback by Manveer’s response about Priyanka being like a sister and will continue to be the most important person to him in the house.



As relationships get challenged, will the Dome spell as doom for the nominated and challenger contestants? Who will be the first contestant to give up?

First Published: November 29, 2016, 1:56 PM IST
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