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Bigg Boss 10, Day 5: Indiawale Stay Together, Celebrities Drift Apart

Will Gaurav finally succeed and bring the celebrities team into power as the Maliks of the house?

Updated:October 22, 2016, 7:30 AM IST

In the Bigg Boss house, there is never a dull moment; the contestants fight, reconcile, give each other a shoulder to cry and also be each other’s emotional support. Day 4 of Bigg Boss ends with an emotional conversation between Monalisa and Navin where he reveals that he comes from a very poor family and it means a lot for him to have made it into Bigg Boss.

The morning of Day 5 unites the Indiawale and celebrities as they wake up to the song ‘Phir bhi Dil hai Hindustani’. After being locked inside the jail, Swamiji seems to have lost his composure as he asks Bigg Boss to install an air conditioner in the jail area as he is getting a heat stroke. Manu makes fun of Swamiji’s antics stating that he claims to be a sanyasi but wants to live a luxurious life.


Later in the day, Bigg Boss introduces another task to give the Sevaks another chance to become the rulers of the house that prove to be a blessing in disguise for the celebrities. The ‘rocking Horse’ task is launched wherein Bigg Boss asks the Sevaks and Maliks to nominate two contestants from their respective teams to perform the task. According to the rules of the task, the selected contestants are required to sit on a top of a rocking horse and keep it in motion at all times without their feet touching the ground. If both the members of either of the teams quit, the other team will be declared as the winner.

After a quick huddle, the celebrities elect Gaurav, Bani while Indiawale elect Navin and Priyanka to take on the challenge. Going by the lessons from the previous seasons, Lokesh tries to distract the opposition team members in a hilarious way while others engage in arguments. Excited to perform the task, Akansha displays her competitive spirit and tries to displace Bani from the horse by stroking her face with a dirty sock. Miffed with Akansha, Bani asks her to back off and they soon get into an argument. Guilty of her own actions, Akansha further apologizes Bani and says that she was just performing the task in good spirit. Bani, however, tells her that she is extremely disappointed in her and her actions and has lost all respect for her. Hurt by Bani’s harsh comments, Akansha has an emotional breakdown and is seen sobbing in the baggage area.


Soon after, Bani drops out of the task after consulting the rest of team members followed by Navin. With only two contestants left in the game, the competition gets tougher and more intense as the day passes by. Gaurav and Priyanka stay strong and showcase great endurance as they continue to perform the task to save their respective teams. Bani’s quitting doesn’t go down well with the celebrity contestants and creates a rift in their small paradise.


Will Gaurav finally succeed and bring the celebrities team into power as the Maliks of the house? Or will Priyanka become successful in restoring Indiawale’s Malik status?

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