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Doctor Strange Movie Review: Benedict Cumberbatch's Magical Realm is Impressive

Sameeksha |

Updated:November 4, 2016, 2:46 PM IST
Doctor Strange Movie Review: Benedict Cumberbatch's Magical Realm is Impressive
Benedict Cumberbatch joins the Marvel Universe with this film.

Doctor Strange is all set to make it's debut this week. With Marvel bringing in the most mystical superhero in their cinematic universe, the game of Avengers' final movies has just got more interesting.

Doctor Strange is a story of a talented surgeon Stephen Strange who after his accident is introduced to an unseen magical realm of altering realities. With Benedict Cumberbatch joining the MCU, a perfect combination of super acting and theatrics can be expected.

Will the film be able to live up to the hype? How this new character is going to impact the future of MCU and its already existing dimensions? What role does Strange have to play in the quest of infinity stones? Sameeksha from News18 is inside the theater to answer all the questions.

10:33 AM: The opening action sequence will give you a sneak peek into what is about to come. #DoctorStrange

10:44 AM: A freak accident and the best surgeon looses his medical power, only to gain a spiritual one. #DoctorStrange

10:54 AM: The evident journey of spirituality and mind elevation in the east begins. #DoctorStrange

11:01 AM: The entire multiverse glimpse with effects will blow your mind! #DoctorStrange 😵

11:17 AM: #BenedictCumberbatch and his sarcasm goes with every character. 😂 #DoctorStrange

11:27 AM: The mystery and knowledge of the unknown keeps you invested . #DoctorStrange

11:50 AM: Oh the magic of physics and cinematic genius of Marvel Universe. #DoctorStrange

11:58 AM: The hero gets his cape and meaning. Marvel never shies away from humour even in the saddest moments. #DoctorStrange

12:12 PM: Manipulating time and dimensions is thrilling, so is the film #DoctorStrange

12:16 PM: The post credit scene will leave you excited for the next Marvel film. Oh and it features one if the Avengers. #DoctorStrange

12:19 PM: #DoctorStrange yet again proves why MCU excels in comic books adaptations. A mystical watch that opens a new realm of possibilities.

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