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How 'Kabali' Teaser Taps Into Rajinikanth's Charisma

Karthik Keramalu | @KarthikKeramalu

Updated: May 2, 2016, 10:52 AM IST
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How 'Kabali' Teaser Taps Into Rajinikanth's Charisma
Three million hits and two lakh likes within twelve hours of its release on YouTube is the power of ‘Kabali’.

Three million hits and two lakh likes within twelve hours of its release on YouTube is the power of ‘Kabali’. And this is absolutely just the beginning.

Superstar has played safe for many years now. The decision to do so might have had various reasons behind it. But the bearded thug has pressed every known fear under his thumb by collaborating with filmmaker Pa. Ranjith.

Rajini has done a handful of films in this century. ‘Chandramukhi’ was well-received by the audiences. His films with Shankar - ‘Sivaji’ and ‘Endhiran’ - continue to hold special place in the hearts of box office numbers, however, the rest are forgettable. That’ll change with the arrival of the boss in cinemas this summer.

Rajini’s style and grace are untouched. Has anybody created ripples with a simple walk from point A to point B? That’s unthinkable. Here, the man does it in the first scene of the teaser itself. His sense of humor rises to the top with the monologue he utters about his character. That ‘Kabali da’ line is definitely getting whistles from all the characters in ‘The Jungle Book’. Mowgli is going to be amazed. He may have seen the king of the jungle. He certainly hasn’t seen the King of Indian cinema.


Punch dialogues are not new for the star. His filmography is filled with brilliant lines and quotes. Usually, such lines are said with an aggressive tone. That’s not the norm for Rajini’s 'Kabali', I guess. Suriya, while pushing his character’s evilness to the front yells ‘Athreya… Athreya da!’, in ‘24’ teaser. There’s a certain amount of cunningness in his voice. The purpose of this particular form of evilness via dialogues is to say that the character is unvanquishable. Of course, Kabali is unbeatable, too. Yet the way these two actors say their lines describes their characters in a wonderful manner.

The other star of ‘Kabali’s’ teaser is Santhosh Narayanan. His music can be called “unadulterated awesomeness”. His association with Ranjith has been top-notch. The music for ‘Kabali’s’ teaser is outstanding. It gives you a feeling of hope and pumps a great deal of energy into you. Hopefully, he’ll bring the same quality to the film, as well.

Keep calm and believe in ‘Kabali’!

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