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Justin Bieber India Concert: 'Magnum Opus Failblog' to 'Lack of Preperation', Twitter Slams Pop Star for Lip Sync Fail


Updated: May 12, 2017, 11:47 AM IST
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Justin Bieber India Concert: 'Magnum Opus Failblog' to 'Lack of Preperation', Twitter Slams Pop Star for Lip Sync Fail
Canadian Singer Justin Bieber during the Purpose World Tour Concert at DY Patil Stadium, Navi Mumbai, India, Wednesday, May 10, 2017. (Image: Yogen shah)

Beliebers in India witnessed their pop icon perform live on stage for the first time in Mumbai on May 10. Justin Bieber was in the country as part of his ongoing Purpose World tour and enthralled the audience with his popular songs like Love Yourself, Sorry and even crooned his old hits, Baby and Boyfriend. However, thousands of people assembled at the stadium after shelling out huge amounts from their pockets had to witness the 23-year old pop sensation lip syncing his own songs for the major part of the concert.

Blame it to the humidity or tiredness, Bieber was just out of place and exhausted to even lip sync properly. Director Anurag Basu who was in the stadium with his daughter that the singer was "not prepared".

"I would have been happy if he would have sung all songs live. He only sang four songs live. An artist of his calibre should sing live. He was not prepared," Basu told PTI.

Another fan at the event said, "I attended Coldplay's concert and I think that was much better than this. Justin's performance was low on energy and the worst part was he was lip-syncing to many of his songs."

Social Media was soon flooded with angry concert attendees as well as Bieber-haters thanking god for not witnessing the singer's 'dubsmash'. Ashish Shakya of AIB, even wrote a long piece on how he felt attending the concert and called it 'a magnum opus Failblog.'

He also tweeted saying, "Bieber was so bad it was hilarious. He had the stage presence of khichdi. Plus kaafi lip sync. (Lucky that my tickets were free :D),"

Kaneez Surkha also tweeted her disappointment, saying, "I've never seen an artist give that many 0 fucks in my life. If you're going 2 lip sync, at least attempt 2 sync your lips "

People also took a jibe at his outfit saying that it was too casual for a concert.

However, Bieber fans jumped right in to defend their icon. One user asked haters to just take a back seat as exhaustion can take a toll on any human being.

Well, the singer was clearly affected by the humidity in the city as even his guitar decided to go off-tune because of the weather, in the middle of the concert.

Interestingly, the weather might be a big reason why the singer decided to leave the country ahead of his planned schedule. Reportedly, Bieber was spotted leaving for the airport right after the concert, instead of attending the after party. He is believed to have left the country, contrary to reports that he would visit New Delhi, Jaipur and Agra, said an organiser.

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