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'Phobia' Tweet Review: Radhika Apte Owns This Edge of the Seat Thriller

Shomini Sen | shominisen

Updated: May 27, 2016, 6:04 PM IST
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'Phobia' Tweet Review: Radhika Apte Owns This Edge of the Seat Thriller
The film focuses on facing your fears. If you're not safe at your home and you aren't even safe outside, where do you go?

When you watch the trailer of 'Phobia' you are instantly captivated by the mystery elements in the video. Your blood curdles at some moments and yet you are hooked to the screen. While the trailer suggests that it is a horror film, the film's director Pawan Kripalani states it is a psychological thriller with elements of horror in it.

Featuring the versatile Radhika Apte, the film narrates the story of a girl who suffers from agoraphobia- where she is scared of stepping out of her own house. Things turn worse for her when she fears staying inside the house as well as stepping out of it.

Apte has been in top form since 2015, delivering some incredible persformances. Would she be able to deliver once again in 'Phobia'? Will the film be truly scary and engaging at the same time? Shomini Sen of is inside the theatre to find out.

2:31 PM: #Phobia tweet review in a bit. Stay tuned.

2:32 PM: A psychological thriller, #Phobia features @radhika_apte in lead role.

2:33 PM: The film deals with agoraphobia- which is a fear of places. #Phobia

2:53 PM: Much of the film is based indoors. But that one scene outside at night is well composed. #Phobia

3:08 PM: Why do creepy neighbours always exist in thriller/horror films? #Phobia

3:22 PM: In certain moments, the camera surprises you with the most unexpected ways. #Phobia

3:27 PM: There are some blood curdling moments in the first half. Keeps you gripped. #Phobia

3:44 PM: Hats off to @radhika_apte for carrying a role this difficult. #Phobia

4:14 PM: While the premise is horror, there are some genuinely funny moments in the film. #Phobia

4:22 PM: So many moments within #Phobia will make your blood curdle in fear. Yet it's not a horror film.

4:22 PM: I'd say the climax of #Phobia is one of the most interesting one's I've seen in a long time.

4:23 PM: #Phobia's narrative is crisp. It doesn't waste too much time in unnecessary side stories.

4:24 PM: Good to see @satyadeepmisra in a proper lead role. #Phobia

4:25 PM: But the film belongs to @radhika_apte who single handedly takes the story forward making #Phobia a scary edge of the thriller.

4:25 PM: #Phobia may run a chill or two down your spine but it is worth your time.

4:26 PM: Thanks for being throughout the tweet review of #Phobia. More movie updates to follow

First Published: May 27, 2016, 3:00 PM IST
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