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'Te3n' Tweet Review: A Gripping Thriller With Power-Packed Performances

Divya Pal | divyapal2013

Updated: June 10, 2016, 4:03 PM IST
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'Te3n' Tweet Review: A Gripping Thriller With Power-Packed Performances
The fact that the film features stars Big B, Vidya and Nawazuddin in key roles, viewers can expect moving, superlative performances. Divya Pal of is inside the theater to live tweet the experience.

Set in Kolkata, director Ribhu Dasgupta’s ‘TE3N’ has all the ingredients of a successful thriller, at least that’s what the film’s promo convincingly shows.

The film revolves around John Biswas (Amitabh Bachchan) who loses his eight-year-old granddaughter Angela Roy in a heartbreaking kidnapping incident. Since then he has been unhappy and holds himself for an incident he isn’t even responsible. It is this relentless quest for justice that makes him visit the Lal Bazar police station everyday, to meet the officer Sarita Sarkar (Vidya Balan) and get an update. The only person whose help John seeks is Martin Das (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), a former cop who has now turned into a priest. The only thing common between John and Martin is – the impact of Angela’s absence.

It is interesting to see how the project brings back popular names that had worked together and given memorable films in the past. Film’s producer Sujoy Ghosh had worked with Vidya in ‘Kahaani’ in 2012. And Amitabh and Ribhu had also teamed up for the TV show ‘Yudh’ in 2014. And, ‘TE3N’ also presents Vidya and Amitabh together after ‘Paa’.

The fact that the film features stars Big B, Vidya and Nawazuddin in key roles, viewers can expect moving, superlative performances. Divya Pal of is inside the theater to live tweet the experience.

10.00 AM Live tweet review of #Te3n in a while. Stay tuned.

10.05 AM Directed by Ribhu Dasgupta, #TE3N features Big B, Vidya Balan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui in key roles.

10.15 AM Set in Kolkata, Ribhu Dasgupta’s #TE3N revolves around a tragic incident of kidnapping.

10.16 AM A lot is said even when stars @SrBachchan and #VidyaBalan don't utter a word. That's what acting is all about. Amazing. #TE3N

10.29 AM We are 30 minutes into #TE3N and @SrBachchan is so real as a helpless grandfather trying to find the kidnapper of her granddaughter.

10.35 AM Yellow taxis, the Howrah bridge, Durga idols being immersed in water - several beautiful shots capture the essence of #Kolkata #TE3N

10.36 AM Song #Adhoore by @SrBachchan explains the emotional complexity, disturbance that he is experiencing as a helpless grandfather in #TE3N

10.41 AM Each time we look at cop Vidya Balan investigating the kidnapping case, we can't help but recollect her role in #Kahaani. #TE3N

10.43 AM This one sequence featuring @Nawazuddin_S and Vidya Balan in the church is just so beautiful. It is intense, emotional, unforgettable #TE3N

10.54 AM Grief, helplessness, anxiety - our protagonist is undergoing everything. Like a true thriller #TE3N builds dramatic tension and irony.

11.15 AM There's more than meets the eye and this is the most special aspect of #TE3N

11.21 AM It's interval. And GRIPPING is the word to describe the first half of #TE3N.

11.38 AM #TE3N's pace is important for the impact it leaves. A combination of fast and slow pace adds to the suspense and anticipation.

11.58 AM #TE3N has no dull moments. It keeps the viewers alert and on the edge of their seats.

11.59 AM #TE3N uses various flashbacks with the sole aim of explaining the intricate plot.

12.01 PM Even without stunts, car chasing sequences, fights and battles, #TE3N is engaging. @Nawazuddin_S @SrBachchan

12.23 PM While we agree every sequence in #TE3N is important, there are a few portions that look stretched.

12.27 PM Tension that's build on throughout #TE3N leads to an interesting climax.

12.32 PM #TE3N is a well written film. It works also because of its music - dramatic and convincing in complementing the amazing performances.

12.34 PM @SrBachchan gives yet another stellar performance. With no glimpse of his real-life persona, he comes across as a relatable character #TE3N

12.36 PM We would have loved to know more about Vidya Balan's character. As cop Sarita she is sensible and sharp #T3EN

12.39 PM @Nawazuddin_S stands out for his caustic tone and a tad funny disposition. His onscreen chemistry with Vidya is worth mentioning. #T3EN

12.43 PM Ribhu Dasgupta's #T3EN is engaging, gripping and entertaining. It provides thrill from multiple circumstances presented in the story.

12.45 PM Sound, music, silence - every aspect has been used smartly to evoke the much needed emotions in #T3EN

12.48 PM Watch #T3EN to know why @Nawazuddin_S, @SrBachchan and Vidya Balan should do more films together .)

12.49 PM Thank you for staying with us throughout the tweet review of #T3EN

First Published: June 10, 2016, 10:10 AM IST
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