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Delhi-NCR 'lives, loves, dances' with Sunburn 2013

Shikha Pushpan | http://ShikhaPushpan

Updated: October 7, 2013, 1:30 PM IST
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Delhi-NCR 'lives, loves, dances' with Sunburn 2013
Sunburn 2013 brought to Noida eight international and local artistes including Dash Berlin and Nervo.

Noida: The much awaited Sunburn festival once again hit North India on Sunday. Overwhelming crowd turned up for the musical carnival at Galgotia University in Noida, dressed in their wacky self.

To witness and be a part of Asia's top festival, music lovers started thronging the venue from noon itself even as the music fest began at around 2 pm. Sunburn 2013 brought to Noida eight international and local artistes including Dash Berlin, Nervo, Porter Robinson, Anish Sood for an eight-hour long party from 2pm to 10pm.

Some disappointed faces wandered around the gates as the event began an hour late. But the gloominess soon disappeared when DJ Vipul rolled out his numbers at the Space Jungle stage and DJs NDS and Blue took control of the Space Station stage.

The entire arena was divided into two stages - Space Station and Space Jungle for electronica and trance lovers respectively. As the evening progressed, the beautiful varsity lawns began brimming with party enthusiasts and love for music enveloped the Sunburn grounds.

Some came dressed as pirates, others with colourful wigs and geeky glasses. While girls upped the hotness quotient, boys proved that there was no crowd as crazy as Delhi's.

The mood for the evening was set when Goa-based DJ Anish Sood took over the stage and virtually half of the crowd danced its way to Space Jungle where he rolled out his hit favourite 'Wanna be your only love'. Hands went up, heads started swinging and everyone got lost in 'trance' as the DJs lived up to everyone's expectation and played some crackling music.

"Sunburn, which began its journey six years ago in Goa has covered 65 Indian cities," said Shailendra Singh, Inceptor of the mega event. He credits his hard working team for Sunburn's success and popularity and says people who do not put their heart into their work get sacked! And for the youngsters, his only message is 'dream big'.

The authorities took security at the grounds seriously as police teams were deployed at various points and PCR vans were stationed at the gates. Flee markets, food joints, bar, Sunburn stores lined up at the venue but no major trouble was reported at the stalls despite all the rush.

Even as the pumping gigs of international producers Shogun, Rank1 and Porter Robinson kept the party on, everyone eagerly waited for Nervo twins from Australia and Dash Berlin, who were the final acts.

As darkness engulfed the sky, began the magic of flashy lights. Blue, yellow, green, red, pink, they had it all. A look from any corner of the grounds and you know what the party was heading to.

While the ticket-buyers danced away their evening at Noida, the event was also live streamed on YouTube for its followers to catch all the missing action.

With just a few more minutes to go for the last slot of artistes Nervo and Dash Berlin, a rather confused fan, Varun, came across, who said that he was disappointed with the line up as he wanted to hear both the producers play but could not as they were performing on different stages at the same time.

Shailendra Singh, inceptor of Sunburn, however reacted to this saying that he wanted to give the best of both the worlds - electronica and trance as the final gigs and hence the arrangement of artistes. The man behind one of the craziest festivals across the world added, "Delhi has surprised me, the crowd is super cool. It is very relaxing. I am very happy with the fact that 40 per cent of the attendants are women."

Sunburn magic reached its peak when Nervo and Dash Berlin appeared at the stage and the crowds welcomed them with hooting, bows and whistles. As the two acts got into their groove, everyone went ballistic dancing and singing to their tunes. People screamed their lungs out in the last two hours and many were seen swaying to the music with their friends sitting on their shoulders.

Fireworks lit up the evening sky and the gala ended with everyone bowing to the artistes for their love and passion for music and for an evening that would be etched in their memories for a lifetime.

Sunburn Noida will return and take the capital city by surprise all over again, assured Shailendra, leaving the message - Live, Love, Dance.

First Published: October 7, 2013, 1:30 PM IST
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