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Congress doesn't have the capability to go it alone: Pallavi Ghosh

Updated: January 21, 2013, 2:57 PM IST
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Congress doesn't have the capability to go it alone: Pallavi Ghosh
CNN-IBN's deputy bureau chief Pallavi Ghosh joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on what the 2-day Congress Chintan Shivir is likely to discuss.

CNN-IBN's deputy bureau chief Pallavi Ghosh joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on what the 2-day Congress Chintan Shivir is likely to discuss.

Q. Congress leaders were making that same old speeches today and there is dearth of new ideas so these type of meetings are nothing other than like rituals like Republic Day as there are no resignations or new faces and only denials like in Khurshid, Vadra etc Asked by: Manush

A. Unfortunately yes..see the people who do matter like the rank and file, the voters are not at this meeting..so I don't expect any real change.

Q. One of the main problem in AP Is Telangana. So Will Congress Grant Telangana? If so is it ready to face the consequences in Andhra? Asked by: Sanjay

A. Telengana not to be announced here..will certainly be discussed..also the larger issue of of whether new and small states have a future? It may not be completer Telengana..it could be something in between.

Q. Congress is most likely to discuss strategies for the period leading up to next elections. Can we expect tax-slab increasing up to 300,000 per annum? Further, what more can we expect (your predictions please! Asked by: Gaurav

A. More economic reforms, but also more populist scheme just before polls..brace for some hike in fuel..but maybe tax cuts for middle class.

Q. Congress is indulging in that same old sycophancy towards its big leaders like Sonia and Manmohan and nothing much is likely to be expected from it in coming times as it considers it has monopoly to rule the country Asked by: Manav

A. Unfortunately, this is the way congress works.

Q. Nothing to discuss, they are finished now, it's blame game or damage control. Asked by: nitin

A. Both I guess..but why damage control from own people...see mere resolutions don't matter ..it's how you change perceptions.

Q. Do you think that the Congress will apply aggressive tactics to counter the negativity and battering the Congress is facing currently? And if it does this, do you think that the Congress will gain vastly? Asked by: Gaurav

A. I think so..they have no choice.

Q. If they are able to bring back the credibility of governance, make reforms work, strengthen leadership at state levels and get rid of Digvijay Singh/Rita Bahuguna/KK Rao and control the arrogance of Renuka Choudhury on TV channels, and bring, Sachin pilot, Jyotiraditya, etc Congress can revive itself.. because BJP is also in a bad shape. Asked by: S ESHWAR

A. :_) lots of ifs..

Q. Is the Congress gaining something out of holding such events on regular basis as its polices are same stale and against interest of common man. Asked by: Arvind

A. I agree..every such Shivir says the same and this one won't be a gamechanger at all.

Q. Dear Pallavi, It will be the party (BJP-Congress) that has the better set of allies in 2014, that will come to power after the election. Both parties are otherwise in similar (bad) shape. Is this one of the agenda items? How is the Congress, which is normally a "go it alone" party approaching this? Asked by: Narayan

A. Congress has stopped being a going it alone party..I spoke to Jairam Ramesh today..he told me Congress cannot come back to power alone in a long time..that's the reality..in the end the party which gets the maximum seats will attract allies.

Q. One more question. Now that this is likely to be Manmohan Singhs last year, will the Congress "candidate" for the next PM role be discussed. It is seemingly the right time to do. Rahul would not want to (at least show that he wants to ) to be in position of power Asked by: Narayan

A. No they won't discuss PM candidate..Rahul too may be status quoist..don't expect any big announcements here.

Q. Has anything come out yet that indicates that Cong might Go alone in Maharashtra as per 'Rahul Doctrine'? Asked by: Ravikiran Shinde

A. Doubt..it will be NCP-Congress..Congress doesn't have the capability to go it alone as Rahul learnt it the hard way in Bihar.

Q. Are holding of these shivirs an eye on catching potentials people for MPs and MLAs rather than doing something serious for the country Asked by: Sanjay

A. Its just a pep talk for the workers..usually means nothing..at the end of the day its policies and improving perceptions which matters.

Q. Why is govt instead of holding shivirs like these get more involved in doing basics of governance which will enable it to less defensive about its misdeeds by taking right and quick decisions Asked by: Arvind

A. Agree 100%.

Q. What are the factors which will affect congress opportunity in 2014. Asked by: Ramesh V

A. Price rise, poor governance and disconnect.

Q. Mam, do you really think that such Chintan Shibirs by Cobgress would produce any fruitful results when every decision in the party is being taken by High Command (read Madam Sonia Gandhi)? Asked by: Shaym Vadalker

A. Yes you are right..problem is the people who matter..the workers are not here.

Q. Dear Pallavi, Sonia Gandhi spoke against lavish spending on weddings/birthdays by partymen. do you think leaders can afford to give that up? because in our society, status comes with ostentation; aam admi is actually impressed more by wealthy individuals and views humility as a weakness. do you agree? Asked by: r.s. iyer

A. :_) no one will or can give up.

First Published: January 21, 2013, 2:57 PM IST
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