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Fake encounters carried out to raise Modi's profile: Digvijaya

First published: July 2, 2013, 8:39 PM IST | Updated: July 2, 2013
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Fake encounters carried out to raise Modi's profile: Digvijaya
The whole idea was to make Modi "hero" in the eyes of those who think terror acts are carried out by Muslims: Singh

Bangalore: The Gujarat government had carried out fake encounters only to raise Chief Minister Narendra Modi's profile so that he becomes a "hero" in the eyes of people who believe acts of terror are done by Muslims, Congress leader Digvijaya Singh alleged on Tuesday.

Responding to media queries after a general body meeting of Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee here, he alleged that "there is not only one, but six fake encounters done by the Gujarat government."

The unfortunate part was that the fake encounters had taken place because of wrong information fed by the the then joint director of Intelligence Bureau in collusion with the Gujarat Police, he claimed.

In this context, Singh referred to a case of Sadik Jamal -- which has not come into the notice of media -- when IB on record handed him over to the Gujarat Police, which allegedly killed him a few days later and showed it as an encounter and "made out a story" that Jamal had planned to kill Modi.

The whole idea of the Gujarat Police, with (the then) Joint Director of IB working together, was only to raise the profile of Narendra Modi so that he becomes a "hero" in the minds of all those who believe that acts of terror are being done only by Muslims, Singh alleged.

The Congress General Secretary demanded that if the Gujarat Police officers are in jail because of fake encounters, the then Joint Director of IB -- if he is part of the conspiracy -- should also be chargesheeted.

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