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If the BJP was really serious, it should have gone for an entirely new face: Bhupendra Chaubey

Updated: January 23, 2013, 6:03 PM IST
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If the BJP was really serious, it should have gone for an entirely new face: Bhupendra Chaubey
Will a change of guard be able to salvage BJP's situation?

Will a change of guard be able to salvage BJP's situation? CNN-IBN's National Bureau Chief Bhupendra Chaubey joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

Q. Rajnath Singh was earlier also at the helm but the BJP lost mandate then. Do you think that he has what it takes to help BJP or is it a mistake again by BJP as he doesn't seem to be all accepted and charismatic? Asked by: Gaurav

A. Hopefully, he has learnt from his previous stint. Individuals can grow. He had taken over at a time when gen next of BJP was still settling down. They had just lost power, Advani was in throes of Jinnah controversy. Now things have changed for Rajnath Singh too.

Q. Hello sir, wouldn't Venkaiah Naidu have been a better choice? Asked by: mahima, bangkok

A. I think, if the BJP was really serious, it should have gone for someone entirely new. This is a very confused signal they have sent.

Q. I think it will not change any situation.. Situation will change when they will declare Modi as PM candidate and give him full support.. What is your saying? Asked by: Atir

A. Atir, its like saying, I don't have a bowler, I don't have a batsman, but I want to win the match because I have a charismatic captain. Modi can be a force multiplier, once the BJP's organisational structure has been improved.

Q. Does BJP has any chances of coming closer to power post 2014 elections, since they have miserably failed as opposition party and with all there internal issues? Asked by: adni

A. In politics, you should never discount Adni, power of a party. If BJP gets its act together, puts its heads together, why not then.

Q. How can Rajnath Singh revive BJP's chances atleast in UP? Asked by: Akhil

A. BJP has suffered at the level of organisation in UP. So first thing that Rajnath Singh may want to do now, is to work on building the organisation in UP.

Q. Don't you feel Gadkari was unfairly targeted? Asked by: Prakash Nair

A. Gadkari did do something which was wrong. But was it so huge that he should have been denied a 2nd term? Jury is out on that one.

Q. Do You think that corruption is actually an issue in Indian elections? Asked by: Akhil

A. I am somehow still not convinced Akhil that one can win or lose elections in India on the basis of corruption. Elections are won or lost on the basis of multiple factors. Corruption is just one of them. A bigger reason on which elections could be lost or won is price rise and inflation.

Q. Hi Bhupen, Good Afternoon, Can Rajnath Singh control the factions within the BJP. Earlier term as president from 2006 to 2009, Mr Singh shared a fractious relationship with Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi. 2) Rajnath Singh as President once agian roadblock for Modi to be PM Candidate? Thanks & regards Jagannath Asked by: Jagannath Pujar

A. Jagan, I think this will be the key to determining the fate of Rajnath's tenure. When I just met him, he told me that difference between past and present was that he was now more aware of who did what. Hopefully he now has a better idea of the party.

Q. If you see the BJP now, they dont seem to have any choice but for NaMo. All their other leaders seem cliched and/or old. Is BJP losing the advantage it has over the Congress, by these moves Asked by: Narayan

A. Main problem before the BJP has been infighting. They can't look like fighting and bickering forever. So while they look for projecting a strong face like Narendra modi, they must also look to project a united face.

Q. Karnataka going down,Jharkhand gone,Himachal lost - will the new president be helped to build up the base at such short notice for the GE of 2014 ? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. First challenge is to ensure that govt doesn't fall in Karnataka. Yeddyurappa will be the first hurdle for Rajnath Singh.

Q. Was the IT raids of 22nd January the lone reason for the last minute change in the Prez nomimee? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. It was a major reason. No doubt about it. It showed the BJP leadership, that if they continued with Gadkari, party itself could be dragged in this controversy.

Q. Unanimity drama, Outgoing Prez appears with the new incumbent. The veteran rebel leader pays encomium to outgoing Prez. Politicians seem to better Bollywood actors. So where is that Party with the difference ? Asked by: sundar1950in

A. Sundar, you don't expect senior and seasoned leaders to behave any differently. It's not acting, its ability to keep your emotions under check.

Q. Will the decision by Shri Gadkari to resign from the post of President will help BJP to improve its tarnished image? Asked by: Shaym Vadalker

A. Shaym, if anything, events of last 24 hrs have shown the BJP in extremely poor light. At the last moment, falling under pressure because of govt raids on Gadkari, shows that the decision to give second term to Gadkari was ill conceived one. Think damage has been done to BJP as it will be remembered for being v v divisive.

Q. What is your opinion about Congress's response and action against corruption accusation against their ministers and robert vadera? in compare to BJP's action against Yeddyurappa, Nishank, Gadkari? Asked by: VV Prakasan

A. Prakasan, I think BJP has acted against individuals as it want to claim the high ground on corruption. Whether its Yeddyurappa or Gadkari, a serious allegation is leaving an imprint. Robert Vadra, isn't a minister, so Congress has used that as a shield.

Q. Don't you think Sushma Swaraj was the best choice for the post of BJP president? Asked by: Prithviraj Chavan

A. Hi Prithvi, yes, Sushma would have been a good choice. But I don't think she could have managed the nitty gritties of a complex party like BJP.

Q. Do you see a situation in 2014 general election where BJP though may have less than congress seats but can form Govt with the support of Parties which are opposed to Congress like TMC,AIADMK,BJD, YSR Cong Asked by: Akhil

A. Don't think TMC will join hands with BJP. For any of 2 main national parties to form a govt, they need to be atleast at 150 seats.

First Published: January 23, 2013, 6:03 PM IST
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