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Ayodhya judge says he was under no pressure

Bhupendra Chaubey | http://bhupendrachaube

Updated: October 2, 2010, 11:13 AM IST
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Ayodhya judge says he was under no pressure
Justice Sudhir Aggarwal, the judge who delivered the majority verdict in the Ayodhya case, denies any pressure.

Lucknow: It's been the most talked about judgement in recent times. Two days after the judgement was read out in the Ayodhya case, Justice S C Aggarwal, one of the two judges who delivered the majority judgement, has spoken on camera for the first time.

He said he was under no pressure and refused to be drawn into any controversy over the content of the judgement. The judgement involved dividing the disputed land in Ayodhya into three parts and validating the idea of a Ram Janmasthan.

CNN-IBN: It's been such an important judgement Justice Agarwal, did you make any special attempt to prepare for this case?

Justice Aggarwal: No special attempt made for this case.

CNN-IBN: So did you treat this case like any other case?

Justice Aggarwal: Obviously.

CNN-IBN: Did you feel any pressure during this case?

Justice Aggarwal: Why should a judge feel any kind of pressure?

CNN-IBN: That's how you approach this case?

Justice Aggarwal: Yes

CNN-IBN: Was there any anxiety with all these reports of judgement being postponed, not coming at all?

Justice Aggarwal: Not concerned with reports of postponement.

CNN-IBN: Do you look at yourself as a man who created history?

Justice Aggarwal: No no, not at all. I have delivered a judgement, matter ends.

CNN-IBN: So it's just a simple straight forward case for you?

Justice Aggarwal: Go through the judgement.

CNN-IBN: Is there anything that you want to tell people of this country through your judgement?

Justice Aggarwal: My judgement is there, that's all.

CNN-IBN: Do you feel this judgement will be your identity?

Justice Aggarwal: A judge should be recognised by his judgement.

CNN-IBN: Did you see newspapers, TV channels while this whole thing was going on?

Justice Aggarwal: Like all ordinary people I also led my life.

CNN-IBN: Even when all these controversies were going on about this judgement?

Justice Aggarwal: I have nothing to do with controversies.

CNN-IBN: Is there any specific message that you want to give to the people through your judgement?

Justice Aggarwal: Judgement is there, go through it.

CNN-IBN: Was there any tension between the judges on the bench?

Justice Aggarwal: Why should there be?

CNN-IBN: Would it have been better if the judgement was unanimous?

Justice Aggarwal: (silence) I am not supposed to reply.

First Published: October 2, 2010, 11:13 AM IST
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