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Kejriwal's pledge to give power at half the rate impossible: Ashutosh


Updated: April 29, 2013, 4:31 PM IST
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Kejriwal's pledge to give power at half the rate impossible: Ashutosh
Ashutosh joined IBNLive readers on Kejriwal's pledge to supply electricity at half the current price if elected.

How far is Arvind Kejriwal's pledge to supply power to people in Delhi at half the current price, if the Aam Aadmi Party is elected to power in Delhi, likely to appeal to voters? Is it a realistic promise or has Kejriwal also resorted to making sky-high promises that all political parties make before the elections?

Q. How much truth is there in the story that Arvind Kejriwal is pursuing? Is there rampant corruption is electricity board? if not 50 percent, how much is it realistically possible? Asked by: Siddharth

A. There is corruption, that is for sure but difficult to quantify.

Q. Is it really possible for anyone in today's regulatory environment to get this done (supply electricity at half the price). Has Mr Kejriwal and Team done the realistic calculation and got the math right, if not then they are also falling prey to opportunistic politics and losing their trust. Asked by: SA

A. At the outset it looks another elections related promise. In my analysis, it is not possible to give electricity at half the rate.

Q. Who all are in line to fight the elections from AAP? do people vote for popular/familiar names or someone with clean record? Asked by: Siddharth

A. Till not Arvind has said that he will fight elections, may be few other senior colleagues also decide to contest. People vote on the basis of three criterias-1, Party, 2, Image of the candidate 3, which candidate has delivered on his promise. Clean image is important but not necessarily the most important criteria.

Q. Do think AP will be able to win even 1-2 seats in assembly elections? Asked by: BSG

A. May be more ...

Q. Not as a journalist but as a normal citizen, do you think Arvind's claims are credible and if supported can change the face of Indian politics? Asked by: Siddharth

A. Arvind is an honest person and a man on mission but we can he change the face of Indian politics, is very difficult to say as Indian politics is too complex and too cluttered.

Q. What is your guess about share of AAP in Delhi Assembly post Election?How many seats? Asked by: Rajdeep Sardesai

A. Its very difficult to put a number. It is too early.

Q. Kejriwal is a man on a mission. Atleast he has ensured people start taking notice of AAP instead of just Cong-BJP.If he practices what he preaches, he can emerge as a dark horse? Asked by: Siddharth

A. He started very well, setting agenda for Delhi politics like on electricity bills and water, but elections in India is a different ball game and fought on many many issues which most of the time is not very important. So one really can't predict but he continues like this then surely he has great future at least in Delhi politics.

Q. What do you think sir,how much Delhi seats out of 80, AAP will win,based on the long understanding of Indian politics & voter behaviour that you have sir! Asked by: Manish Rajora, Allahabad

A. Friends, let me say frankly, its very difficult to predict right now. So I will be doing injustice if put a number now. There might be sympathy for him now but to convert that in vote is million dollar question.

Q. Will AAP dent the chances of BJP by swaying away the votes against Congress? Asked by: SA

A. They is a real danger for BJP. AAP can spoil their game and this division of vote might benefit Congress indirectly.

Q. Fasts and dharnas generate hype for a day or two but then fade out. Are there any other innovative means to sustain the movement and being it to conclusion? #tiredofpayingtaxfornoreturns? Can stopping to pay taxes be a relevant option? Asked by: Siddharth

A. These are legitimate tool of protest and rest depends on mass contact and mass campaign. I hope they are not relying only on protests.

Q. What should AAP do to win atleast 15-20 seats? Asked by: BSG

A. I wish I could know and pass on to them?

Q. Will AAP dent the chances of BJP by swaying away the votes against congress? Asked by: SA

A. Real possibility.

Q. What is your guess about share of AAP in Delhi Assembly post Election?How many seats? Asked by: Rajdeep Sardesai

A. Seats I am not predicting, sorry.

Q. Hi sir, we have tested and got taste of all these people so far. What is the wrong in trusting this person-Kejriwal. This will not be worse than what we have seen so far and in that way it will only be better. Your take on this. Asked by: tig

A. Nothing wrong in testing him. He at the outset looks an honest man and wants to do something but if he decides to change and behave like other politicians then you will always have an option of ditching him.

Q. Is Mr Arvind not practicing the same kind of dirty practice against which till recently he was abusing all the political parties holding them responsible for all the mess in our country. Which face he has to face the people With this kind of populist and unrealistic promise Asked by: vk gupta

A. Its for people like you to judge?

Q. Why is the media not focusing on the scams Kejriwal has exposed in jal board and electricity companies? and latest in water meters? and is Kejriwal bothered by this? Asked by: Harshit Malhotra

A. How do you know about these scams, obviously through media.

Q. Should Kejriwal be given a chance? Asked by: annu

A. He should be given a chance if we have given chance to all kind of politicians then why not him?

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