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Ruling BJP Speaker elected in Karnataka amid chaos


First published: December 30, 2009, 9:02 PM IST | Updated: December 30, 2009
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Ruling BJP Speaker elected in Karnataka amid chaos
BJP pushed through the election of its candidate, K G Bopaiah, as Speaker.

Bangalore: The ruling BJP in Karnataka on Wednesday pushed through the election of its candidate K G Bopaiah as Speaker of the Assembly amid ugly scenes overcoming a bid by Opposition JD(S) and Congress after they joined hands.

A section of Congress and JD(S) members mounted atop the Speaker's podium, pulled the mike and tried to manhandle N Yogish Bhat, who was appointed presiding officer to conduct the election to the post of Speaker.

As Bhat asked Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa to read out the motion proposing the name of Deputy Speaker Bopaiah for the Speaker's post, JD(S) and Congress members rushed into the well of the House, chanted anti-government slogans and insisted on postponing the election.

Some Opposition members wanted the elections to be postponed due to death of Kannada matinee idol Vishnuvardhan.

Former minister and JD(S) leader Zamir Ahmed rushed to the Speaker's podium, pulled out the microphone and even tried to drag Bhat out of his seat.

Ruling party members also rushed to the well and dragged away Opposition members from the Speaker's podium.

Even as this tussle was going on, other Opposition members rained papers and booklets on Bhat. An unfazed Bhat put the motion to voice vote and declared Bopaiah as new Speaker.

Enraged, Congress and JD(S) members shouted anti-government slogans and termed the election "invalid and illegal", a contention rejected by Bopaiah and the government.

Bopaiah, on assuming the Chair, adjourned the house sine die.

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