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Modi is a good campaigner but BJP cannot risk projecting one individual as 'PM' candidate: Sheshadri Chari


Updated: March 4, 2013, 3:21 PM IST
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Modi is a good campaigner but BJP cannot risk projecting one individual as 'PM' candidate: Sheshadri Chari
Is the BJP national executive meet's overwhelming praise of Narendra Modi a clear sign of things to come in 2014?

Is the BJP national executive meet's overwhelming praise of Narendra Modi a clear sign of things to come in 2014? BJP's National Executive member Sheshadri Chari joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

Q. Although he has expressed regret on the 2002 riots, don't you think Narendra Modi while stepping on the national stage now should address the nation and express regret on what happened? Asked by: Arvind

A. I don't think Modi has expressed 'regret' for 2002 events. In any case he is not directly responsible for what happened in the unfortunate 2002 events. But I think the party should view it in a different perspective.

Q. I won't ask you who you think will be UPA's most deserving PM candidate for 2014 elections, but according to you, who (from UPA) will pose the biggest challenge to the NDA in the election if he/she runs for PM? Asked by: Deepak

A. I think it will be Rahul Gandhi but the UPA may not project him as PM candidate.

Q. Sir, from my interaction with the people whom I know, people are really looking forward to see Modi as the PM candidate of the BJP. I feel it is the only way for the BJP to capture the huge wave of anti incumbency feeling in the nation. Asked by: Shiv

A. Modi is a good campaigner and would be able to convert mass support into votes. But the party cannot risk projecting one individual as 'PM' candidate.

Q. When BJP would bring in Younger Generation leaders to take responsibilities. Asked by: Bala

A. Younger generation is at the helm in the party. I presume the average age of BJP leadership should be less than 50. All the same we can not have a set of teens or middle-aged running the party.

Q. BJP overwhelming praise of Narendra Modi is indeed a clear sign of things to come in 2014. But what is there for the Aam Aadmi apart from Good governance, if BJP comes into power? Can we expect that all the looted resources like Coal, various scheme money will be reclaimed. will the corrupt politicians of erstwhile governments be put on fast track courts and tried on priority? Will the BJP bring a bill which promises harshest punishments for proven crimes like Commonwealth, 2G, Coal and Chopper scam. We definitely don't expect the party to be soft on corruption issues. Asked by: Chinoo

A. I agree. All the wealth stashed away in Swiss banks should be brought back. All the ill gotten wealth should be confiscated. At the same time we should not consider the business community the way the Left or the Congress treats.

Q. For country's development .. all the talks are fine. But why the harsh talk against some family .. Why cant the speech be more sober but still kicking.. Can this change in NM can happen by 2014.. Does harsh talk will help garner votes in 2014 LS poll. Asked by: Rajesh.MG

A. I don't think Modi used any 'harsh' words. Yes he did make sarcastic remarks but most of it was appropriate and applicable to the first family.

Q. Can we see Modi becoming the PM of India after 2014 General elections? Asked by: Shri

A. It will depend on the election results.

Q. If Modi contest LS from UP then can he garner sizable seats from the biggest state for BJP? Asked by: rajesh

A. Good suggestion for the party to consider, but strategies are seldom worked out in public or the social media.

Q. How long sangh will keep mum on Modi as the potential prime ministerial candidate? Asked by: satyendra

A. It is not proper for the the RSS to comment on such things. I think the RSS leadership is doing the right thing.

Q. When would you name Mr Modi as PM candidate and will you sacrifice Modi's Leadership for alliance with JD(U)? Asked by: sreenivas

A. I am sure the party will take an appropriate step at the right time. As for, JD(U), I am sure everything will be sorted out amicably.

Q. There have been people who have far worse human rights record than Modi in this world. But what has BJP done to see that its options are open? Asked by: EMathew

A. I didn't think Modi's human rights records are anything to be ashamed of. He is not responsible for what happened in 2002. He is being presented as a villain by a some motivated group of people.

Q. Do you think there BJP should completely focus on good governance with the senior leaders coming with fine prints of each and every dept with thier vision and mission and also what about BJP's emotive issues, are the worth playing? Asked by: purushottam

A. Good governance is no less emotive. The party is proud of the governance it has given in the states where it has the government. As for, others issues, they are as important as good governance and do not contradict our core agenda.

Q. Do you feel BJP always ignores Andhra Pradesh, as they don't get any MP seat? Asked by: Ravi Bolishetty

A. We had a very good organisation in AP which we can still boast of having. But the alliance we had with TDP eroded into our support base. We are still hopeful of improving our position with a new set of leadership that we have now.

Q. Why do you shy away from declaring NM as PM candidate. You can't win an election without a leader. Example - you could win earlier because of Bajpayee. Don't again say that you have many leaders. Asked by: Dilip

A. We did not win because of one individual. A number of events and happenings coupled with efficient leadership resulted in our coming to power. The value of Atalji is no less in the process but I would not prescribe a one leader approach in principle.

Q. I appreciate the fact the BJP has many faces for PM and capable people. What would be the BJP strategy for upcoming state election specially in Rajsthan where its out of power and Karnataka where KJP is the big threat? As an Indian I would really like to see Mr. Modi to be a PM of India and why we so scare of JDU, if Nitish wants to go alone let him go. If you remember in last Bhiar assembly election BJP increased its tally. Asked by: Jitendra

A. The party is working out a strategy for Rajasthan and Karnataka. We are worried of the situation in Karnataka but I am confident that it will be sorted out. I don't think the JD (U) would want to go out of the NDA.

Q. There is lot of buzz around Mr Modi. But, to clear the negative publicity around him, will it not help if BJP puts a coordinated campaign. Asked by: Prem Kumar

A. The BJP is united in defending Modi. In any case the truth will triumph at the end. All these false accusations will not stick.

Q. Sir, you say Modi can covert mass votes but he has been incharge of Maharashtra elections and has campaigned extensively in HP which didn't convert to votes. Do you really think Modi is a safe bet? Asked by: Anmol Jain

A. The leadership, oratory and strategy works and contributes to victory only if the party is strong on substance and ground level organisational strength.

Q. Though you speak of Telangana in Parliament, why don't BJP campaign with top leaders like Modi and Advahi in the region? Asked by: Ravi Bolishetty

A. We have been supporting smaller states even during the Jan Sangh times. Even Jan sangh had passed a resolution favouring Telengana. Yet, we should carefully calibrate our actions.

Q. If you name Narendra Modi as PM candidate the entire election will be Narendra Modi centric as you will put forward good governance of Gujarat and congress not so good incident that happen in 2002 in Gujarat? Asked by: rahul

A. Even if the election is not 'Modi centric' the Congress has no other issue other than 2002 incidents. So why bother about what the Congress will do. We should have a positive approach.

Q. Do you think Modi is flexible? Asked by: satyendra

A. Depends on the issue, may be!

Q. Everyone especially Media projecting Modi ji as PM. Why BJP can't take firm decision on this? We have seen Modi's governance and administration. What do you think, we need to vote him because the way he rules? On what slogan BJP's election campaign would be? Is there any internal matters in BJP taking back Modi ji from PM candidate? Asked by: Lakshmikanth Gelli

A. The party can be forced into a decision by external pressures or the media. The party will take an appropriate decision at the right time and it will be a collective decision.

Q. Sir, Will Shivaraj Singh Chauhan also be a contender for PM's post if he wins 3 election like Modi Ji Asked by: Santosh

A. Shivraj Singh Chauhan is doing very well in MP and will surely win this time. As for PM post, there is no race as of now, I think.

Q. Why not BJP declare that those BJP leaders who are 70 years and above will not be nominated for parliament seats for Lok Sabha, so that younger leaders can come to fore front. Asked by: LV

A. There is no such provision either in the Indian Constitution or the Party Constitution.

Q. I think one more Dark Horse Candidate who is eligible for PM position with wider acceptability would be Shivraj singh chauhan. He might also win 3 term in next MP elections. Do you think BJP can have 2 options to look for if Modi is acceptable to all Coilation friends Asked by: Santosh

A. BJP has many more options.

Q. What's your road map for AP, which was a blooming state much ahead to Gujarat once upon a time but toady is lost in oblivion? Asked by: Sudarshan

A. We will have to work out the details and I would welcome suggestions. I agree, AP has great potential and can lead the nation on industrial and agricultural sectors. Some of the boys and girls from AP are leading the technological revolution in the West. If they are given opportunities here many of them will like to return.

Q. What is BJP doing for expanding its party base in south and north-east because your president said 'BJP is expanding in these areas'? Asked by: purushottam

A. We need more local leadership in the South and North East. We have a number of party cells working. (The NE Sampark Cell, etc). Yet, lot needs to be done. We should also work towards resolving local issues.

Q. Has BJP learnt any lesson for its two consecutive defeats in Lok Sabha poll? Asked by: Atul

A. I am sure the party has learnt its lessons. But, learning lessons is an on-going process, I feel.

Q. Should BJP become more moderate and practical on issues pertaining to Hindutva? Asked by: satyendra

A. We are moderate, besides, Hindutva is not a political issue or idea. Hindutva itself is very practical and adapts to challenges and changes.

Q. Will BJP bring Lokpal Bill? What will be main economic programs that BJP will focus to revive growth? Asked by: Deepak Sharma

A. Yes we are committed to a strong Lokpal. The best economic programme I can think of is the one Pandit Deendayal ji gave-- "Har haath ko kaam, har khet ko paani".

Q. What is your personal preference as a PM candidate across the entire political spectrum? Asked by: Dr Vishal Sharma

A. A good and strong administrator with a human approach and dedicated to team work. Don't worry, the country has such persons in good measure.

First Published: March 4, 2013, 3:21 PM IST
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