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Mulayam has an ambition to be PM, but success is doubtful: Ashutosh

Updated: March 25, 2013, 2:48 PM IST
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Mulayam has an ambition to be PM, but success is doubtful: Ashutosh
Will Mulayam Singh Yadav go for an early Lok Sabha elections by toppling the government?

Will Mulayam Singh Yadav go for an early Lok Sabha elections by toppling the government? IBN7's managing editor Ashutosh joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

Q. You feel CBI will let Mulayam topple this govt. Or more generally does CBI actually has a role in it to play? Asked by: Uttam

A. CBI has a role to play but how much its difficult to say.

Q. Looking at present scenario; UP govt not delivering in last 1 year, seems Mulayam will like to give 1 more year to Akhilesh before going for LS polls. What's your take? Asked by: Uttam

A. Yes it is true that Akhilesh govt is not performing so Mulayam would like to wait for situation to improve. It does not seem immediately he will risk.

Q. With Modi, Nitish, Mamta already in PM race, what are chances of Mulayam actually leading the govt at center? Asked by: Uttam

A. Mulayam can be an important player for non BJP and non Congress forces but if Nitish can leave NDA then he will be a tough challenger to Mulayam.

Q. With Mamta showing signs of returning back to UPA, you feel Mulayam really has the numbers to topple the govt? And in such a case will he like to even take a chance? Asked by: Uttam

A. Mulayam will not withdraw support from the govt if he is not sure about the down fall of the govt . He will wait for that moment.

Q. Hi, Please tell me the probable timeline that suits different leaders to go for election? Asked by: gugu

A. I can talk about Mulayam . He will not be with the govt till the end that will be detrimental for him as he will have to answer for the misdeeds of the govt. So he will prefer a date which is approximately six months to completion of govt term. Nitish will wait to see if Modi emerges as BJP PM candidate. Mamta has no option right now . She cant go to BJP.

Q. With UP, Bihar, WB and TN not aligned clearly to either Cong or BJP, and NCP giving contradictory signals; you feel this is best opportunity in times for regional leaders to form a 3rd front govt. Asked by: Uttam

A. I don't see bright future for third front. That is a recipe for disaster and instability.

Q. For any third front to have a realistic chance both SP and BSP should be on same side; which is possible only if PM is some 3rd person. So BSP winning 15 or more seats in UP will virtually shut the door on Mulayam. Your take? Asked by: Uttam

A. Though politics is art of impossibles but i dont see a chance where SP and BSP getting together in a third front govt.

Q. Ashutosh, will the CBI threat stop Mulayam from pulling he rug especially when the Govt unleashed teh CBI against the DMK as soon as they withdraw support. Do you thnik Mulayam would not let that bother bhim aas delaying the election would be counter productive as the Sp govt is losing due to various asprects like law and order, riots etc? Asked by: AKS

A. CBI or no CBI Mulayam's first priority will be survival of his party. If he realises that UPA govt is not coming back then he will look for other avenues.

Q. Mulayam Singh wants to be PM so he will try his best to bring together all like-minded regional parties together to form the third fornt. Regional parties without any national agenda, only aim to come to power will be national disaster in this economic situation. People should think of larger interest of the country before voting them to power and the media has equal reaposibility in this regard. Your opinion please. Asked by: vasanthi

A. I agree with you. Mulayam has an ambition for PM but will he succeed I doubt.

Q. May be out of context: but with confusion prevailing in all parties and Mulayam also trying his last possible chance for PM post; you feel UPA may be third time lucky? Asked by: Uttam

A. It all depends how BJP regroups and unites and with aggression it is going to people.

Q. Post poll alliance is a cheating of voters(voters do not vote a party to make a post poll alliance they might have also voted not to make such alliance) the courts should step in to bar such alliance. Asked by: srinivass

A. Post poll alliance is not a good thing but in a coalition era anything is possible. Ideally pre-poll alliance should be united for forming of the govt as people are aware of their policies and programs .

Q. How will early election help Mulayam Singh when Akhilesh's Government has failed in terms of governance? Asked by: Yaseen

A. That is why he will buy some time .

Q. Your Ideal choice for the post of PM? Asked by: Yaseen

A. Its difficult to say now. Its will depend upon the political groupings which are going to form the govt at the center.

Q. Is there any possibility that NDA can come to power? Asked by: Yaseen

A. Nothing can be ruled out as of now.

Q. The Record of Akhilesh Govt is bad and the SP may not win in UP in case elections are held now. And for the 3rd Front, BSP/SP, DMK/ADMK, TMC/Left cannot be together, so is not viable. Then what is Mulayam talking about? Is it only his way of keeping the govt on tenterhooks? Asked by: Narayan

A. Mulayam is giving message to Congress that his support cant be taken for granted and he will extract a price for that. secondly, he is giving message to his voters that he should not be made responsible for the corruption and misdeeds of UPA govt . thirdly, he is testing water . Who knows if there emerges a situation where he can fulfill his ambition ?

Q. What you feel is strategy of Mulayam for 2014? He will fight against congress and BJP and then look at post poll scenario or will he form a third front before polls? Asked by: Uttam

A. Rule out third front before elections.

Q. What is your take: Making Akhilesh CM was a long thought strategy of Mulayam so that he can take credit for all goods in 2014 and discredit all bads of UP govt, while being in-charge of govt remotely? Asked by: Uttam

A. Everybody knows its Mulayam govt whom he is trying to fool. Such trick will not work.

Q. Criticising both center and UP govt. Is Mulayam preparing himself to lead a third front in 2014, if opportunity comes? Asked by: Uttam

A. He will jump given a chance.

Q. Who will be the game spoiler for the BJP in UP in next general elections? BSP or SP Asked by: Rajiv

A. BSP and Mulayam both. Upper caste may go to Mulayam due to his opposition to promotion in reservation, and a few back ward caste which vote to BJP may allign with BSP.

First Published: March 25, 2013, 2:48 PM IST
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