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My Son is Truth's Agent, Not BJP's: Kapil Mishra's Mother


Updated: May 12, 2017, 12:25 PM IST
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My Son is Truth's Agent, Not BJP's: Kapil Mishra's Mother
File photo Sacked Delhi Water Minister Kapil Mishra (Image: PTI)

New Delhi: Sacked Delhi minister Kapil Mishra's mother on Friday has written a letter to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, accusing him of spreading lies regarding her son.

On Thursday, several Aam Aadmi Party leaders had tweeted a picture in which Delhi BJP president Manoj Tiwari and Mishra were seen in one frame.

The sacked minister's mother, Annapurna Mishra, a former mayor of Delhi, claimed that the picture was clicked was an event to felicitate AAP leader Kumar Vishwas' father and was attended by Kejriwal and all his ministers.

She said Kejriwal had pursued her to convince Mishra to join politics despite the latter not being interested. In the letter, she also alleged that Kejriwal's men had started calling her "corrupt" while he has maintained a stoic silence over the issue.

Mishra's mother claimed that she was the one who had organised mohalla sabha in 2007 and reminded Kejriwal that he had attended it and it was even mentioned in his book Swaraj.

"You had said that when the AAP MLAs had their first meeting at the Constitution Club after winning 28 seats, they were shown a video of a mohalla sabha organised by me," she said.

"I am proud that my son is doing Satyagraha. My son is truth's agent, not BJP's," she added.

She also expressed disappointment at Kejriwal's silence on the questions being posed by her son.

Annapurna also said that she was proud of her son who was on a hunger strike and hadn't eaten for the last three days.

The former mayor said Mishra was only "an agent of truth" and would keep soldiering on as he was very stubborn. She urged Kejriwal to share the information being sought by her son.

After his removal as a minister and his suspension from the party, Mishra launched a fast demanding that the AAP divulge details of foreign tours undertaken by five leaders of the party which, in turn, has accused him of following a script penned by the BJP.

First Published: May 12, 2017, 12:25 PM IST
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